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Ah, unicorn hunters, you took them too seriously by reasoning with them, just tell her her man is gross, and she has no self-respect, and encourage her to wake up from her Stockholm syndrome sympathetically. Laugh at them for fun.

Good for you for telling them off. They always catfish you with just the woman's photo. They know what they're doing. Seriously apps should ban these accounts.

Sometimes I accidentally match with couples. They hide their BF or he's the 2nd from last picture 🙄🙄

Good on you for telling those freaks off! It makes me feel so gross that I can’t even find women on a dating app when my settings are set to WOMEN.

What is the point?? 😓

Fucking straight tourists, this shit is so rampant. Good on you for putting them in their place!

Well done for telling them off! 👏👏👏👏 Dating apps seem pretty much pointless for anyone who doesn't want to have males shoved in their faces these days.

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Wow. It's more of the 'since you won't sleep with me let me tell you why you're wrong in your decision' crap. I hate this. I have been targeted by couples since I was in my 20s in the 90s. My favorite is when I am talking to a feminine looking woman and she claims to be single and then several messages later well I have a boyfriend but he just wants to watch and we can totally date. No we can't. Also don't know if this is happening to the rest of you but I am getting messages on regular apps of people looking for BDSM hookups. I'm starting to think I am a prude lol. No I don't do poly or BDSM. I'm so over it.

The poly can fuck right off too. I am not your emotional fuck toy

Here's the thing. I did bunch of "wild" and stupid things in my 20s and into my 30s. In my 40s I know what works for me and what doesn't. I know from experience and I am sick of people trying to talk me into trying things. It's not happening. LOL

Exactly, like I know what I like and what I don’t like and I’m only 24. I don’t want to be thrown around like an afterthought in a “relationship” (relationship in quotes because a poly relationship is not a true relationship, with their bullshit rules and conditions that they break over and over).

Couples are a plague on these apps. I like to match with them to tell her that her boyfriend is ugly and no self respecting gay woman would go within 10 feet of him.

Fun fact: they’re prohibited on Tinder (its on their TOS) so I like to drop that in before I roast them. What are they gonna do - complain to Tinder that someone’s breaking the rules? They’d be reporting themselves.

We should say ‘just because you put shit in your mouth, doesn’t mean you should expect other people to’

I try to report them as much as I can but there is SO MANY that I just become extremely aggravated.

I really should take a break from dating apps 😣. The audacity of these people just makes me feel like I’m getting visually assaulted with each swipe

Freaking unicorn hunters everywhere. Why can't they just go to those fetish sites. Find people who are into this stuff. But noooo. They just have to impose themselves on lesbians on dating apps instead.

At least the ones in the screenshot were honest about being a couple. So often they just spring this on you later, after you have matched and talked to the woman for a while.

We need to waste their time from now on

This reminds me of that funny article where a lesbian robs a couple who were unicorn hunting her and the entire time their tied up (while she's emptying their house) they are acting like it's so hot and their into it… lol, funny stuff.


The subplot of Ocean’s 8 in real life, that woman is my hero

Creepy couples hitting on lesbians is unfortunately not new. I remember being in lesbian bars in the 90s seeing straight couples wander through the crowd looking for someone attractive to approach. So gross. Sometimes they’d be successful, but usually they would get pressured to leave before they found a willing target.

This was going on in lesbian bars back in the 1970s. I was hit on at 20 in 1977 by a beautiful woman at a nice lesbian bar. She asked me to dance. Afterward we got back to the bar...and suddenly the older boyfriend sidled up...and I was invited to the cliched three way. This sort of thing was common then. It still is apparently. It’s just perpetrated in lesbians online instead of in person.

I remember that. But back then the couple would almost always be kicked out and they had no recourse. If the woman was allowed to stay, she was ostracized and lesbians would warn each other about the predatory bi woman.

That’s true. Usually the woman was invited by the bartender or bouncer to stay but the boyfriend was told to get out. I can’t recall what happened to the male on the particular night I just described above. He was a well known youngish movie star at the time. I recognized him immediately but as people do in parts of California I played cool and didn’t acknowledge his Hollywood status. Today he’s an old has been trying to make himself relevant by spouting right wing political nonsense. Naturally he’s homophobic!

dating apps are a whole shitshow and completely unusable. i am going to start sending out messenger doves trained to find lesbians in hope i can find myself a woman.

Doves would work too because they are smart enough to tell a man from a woman