Couldn't think of a better way to phrase it, but things like rainbows, lesbian colors, double venus, carabiners, and labrys stuff. And do you wear any?

Couldn't think of a better way to phrase it, but things like rainbows, lesbian colors, double venus, carabiners, and labrys stuff. And do you wear any?


If I saw anything rainbow, I’d probably assume gender cultist or bi, kweeeer, etc.

On the other hand, a double Venus or labrys symbol would definitely get my attention.

I don’t wear any at the moment. I think rainbow stuff is generally garish. I got some cool pride edition shoes a while ago to wear to pride but now I don’t feel like it because of association to trans/TRA etc.

I can't recall seeing anything with a labrys, double venus, or a carabiner, but I always notice when women wear rainbows.

I used to get this little tinge of hope that she was actually a lesbian, but now that all of our shit is being appropriated by the masses, I just roll my eyes and move on.

I just finished crocheting an almost rainbow (there's pink instead of red) beanie, but I don't know if I'll ever wear it out of the house. As much as I love it, I don't want to be associated with fake lesbians and gender woo 😒

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Same here. I've never seen a woman wear anything with a labrys, etc., but when I see women wearing rainbow stuff I sadly don't assume that they're lesbians (or even same sex attracted at all) anymore. People, including straight people, treat the LGB community as such a free-for-all these days (to the point that it's often actively hostile toward actual lesbian/gay people). :/

Same for me as well. I notice the rainbow stuff but rarely does it seem to be worn by actual lesbians or even bi women. Mostly trans-identified women. Similar to your beanie, my mother gifted me a hoodie with a rainbow accent after I came out to her but I have never worn it in public- it would probably either make me the target of homophobic people or make me appear like part of the TQ+.

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I wear a labrys necklace pretty regularly and no one has ever commented on it/seemed to notice it sadly.

Adding the link, maybe I can start a trend: https://www.arcanaobscura.com/product/mini-labrys-necklace-in-sterling-silver-or-14k-gold

I have so many pieces from Arcana Obscura, including labrys earrings! I really love her work. Just waiting for the day someone catches on to my signaling...</3

Nice! I have a labrys necklace too. I bought mines from a shop on etsy.

The etsy shop kinda seemed to try to emphasize that it's a "men's" necklace, though, and while all the little extras and handwritten note they included with the shipping was nice, it did rub me the wrong way. Like, thanks, but this is for ME, not for "a special man in [my] life." >_>

I had no comments on it yet either, but I don't get out much these days.

Very cool! I put the link in my "jewelry I need to buy" notes. :)

I assume a woman wearing a rainbow accessory is most likely straight, just due to their association with gay men.

If the accessory is explicitly lesbian, I still would think she is probably bi and in a relationship with a man, just because IRL lesbians, and bi women in same-sex relationships, don't typically advertise themselves publicly for safety reasons. Women in a relationship with a man can get away with stuff like that, because men will respect his boundaries more than they respect hers.

I definitely notice them and would be more likely to approach a woman with clothes or accessories with those symbols. They might turn out to just be an ally or some flavour of gender woo, but I know a number of genuine lesbian and bi women who wear rainbows etc. I rarely see lesbian specific symbols like the flag colours, double venus, carabiners and labrys stuff IRL - most lesbians I know just wear rainbow pins/ribbons or wear stuff with nude women on them.

Omg there was this awesome butch that came into my work one summer and she was wearing a tank top that had a tropical plant design on it and there were nude women strewn throughout. To this day I can’t find anything remotely similar. Coolest tank ever.

If I was more bold, I’d purchase more explicitly lesbian shirts I’ve stashed away from different society6 and redbubble shops. Some of them are artsy nude women designs and some of them are right in your face.

I noticed the thumb rings when I went to a gay bar last week. Blew my mind.

always. it's like a frequency illusion now becase i see them all the time, it feels like. i'm always looking for those carabiners and other stereotypically lesbian traits lol.

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I do say hi and compliment them if I notice it -- especially a Labrys! I've connected with some very kind and knowledgeable second wave feminist lesbians that way.. sometimes they are incredibly shocked a woman my age knows what a Labrys is.

Normie lesbians do also wear rainbows and get rainbow dog collars, stickers on their cars etc, IME, especially older ones who do not take our current legal rights for granted but are damn proud of how far we've come.. sure it could be a begendered straight or a het partnered bisexual but you have to go on the rest of the person's vibe as well lol

(Ed. Sorry to my femmes but if you are wearing that awful pink flag I usually don't engage bc that's the one I associate more with tra lesbians..)

I have a lesbian-labrys flag that I painted awhile back on the bottom of by size 12 doc's (it's small but you can see it if you look hard enough) and a labrys flag hanging in my room, but nowadays I rarely wear the docs unless it's good weather or I'm at high school (which right now, chances of me going to school look pretty slim. Thanks, omicron.)

I always notice if a woman is carrying a carabiner as I wear one myself to signal.

I’d also wear floral rings too if I ever was gifted them, but I rarely wear rings to begin with anyway…

I want to get a double Venus necklace some day though, and I do love rainbow colored items, but they aren’t directly rainbow if you know what I’m talking about? I like colorful clothing, but they aren’t necessarily rainbow striped.

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