I'm not interested in justifying why I don't like dogs, I just don't.

As a 37 year old lesbian, seems like all the other single wlw have adopted dogs for companionship.

I'm going to be single forever, aren't I?

I'm not interested in justifying why I don't like dogs, I just don't. As a 37 year old lesbian, seems like all the other single wlw have adopted dogs for companionship. I'm going to be single forever, aren't I?


Do you like cats? In my experience there are two kinds of lesbians in the world, not butch and femme, but rather rescue dog lesbians and rescue cat lesbians, haha. Back when I was single my cat allergies were a serious problem.

Cats are okay, but like one. Not that I’m going to be super picky if she doesn’t have dogs, but I’m not sure a zoo full of rescue cats is my ideal situation either.

See, I’m going to be single forever.

Hmm, you gotta at least fake some enthusiasm for the cat. I have lots of lesbian friends with cats. I'll bring them cat toys and gush on and on about how beautiful the cat is, but they're still upset that I'm not burying my face in its fur and giving myself hives.

Nah, not going to fake enthusiasm unless I know it's only short term. Cats are better, but they still have litterboxes, and track litter and hair all over. When I had them, they always liked to prevent me from sleeping. They're cute, but day in and day out? Nah. I need to find my petfree princess!!

Well, you went from "hard mode" dating as a lesbian to "ultra hard mode." Not saying it's impossible, but... Sorry, friend. :P

Funny - I on the other hand can't seem to find any dog lesbians! Everyone I meet is a big cat person, and while I like cats (and animals in general) I'm more of a dog person and tend to feel like the odd one out for not being obsessed with cats.

Definitely not. I feel the opposite. Every lesbian I know likes cats and I'll be forever alone with my one small dog.

Wanna do an episode of trading places? ;)

Jk, but good like finding your best friend.

I actually haven't come across that many lesbians who have dogs - only two that I can think of off the top of my head. The vast majority seem to have cats.

Wow. It's so rare that I hear people say they don't like dogs. I'm not a fan of cats and it seems every lesbian has one.

Love dogs. It’s a total dealbreaker for me if a woman doesn’t want at least two. 😉 Good luck out there OP, we all have our crosses to bear.

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I like dogs but don't want them. I've had them before, as well as cats, and dogs are a lot of work and tie you down, get mud everywhere and are sometimes loud. Currently pet free, let's meet up. ;) At any rate, you're not alone in this!

Lol there's lots of cat lesbians around, and no pets at all lesbians, I'm sure y'all can find each other. I've always felt us dog-loving lesbians are in the minority, maybe the grass is always greener. I'd trade you my cat-loving and afraid-of-dogs lesbians from my feed for your dog lesbians if I could OP! 😆


Nah they seriously all have their own zoos around here. I'd like to date a person, please, not her animals.

Hmm, have you tried putting traveling as one of your interests? (assuming you actually like to do it.) The biggest overlap with no pets that I've noticed has been strong interest in traveling the world -- the lesbians who are always saving to go on trips abroad don't want to have to deal with having to find someone to watch pets or paying for a professional kennel on top of the expensive trip to Paris and then extra week of layover in Turkey or something.

Somewhat, yeah, I actually put that I'm open to long distance or eventually relocating. I'm not super attached to my current location, it's just been professionally the most viable for me.

I put "chit chat" as the flair because I realize I'm being a little dramatic, but FRFR. These damn dogs are so annoying.

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Damn living with dogs does feel like living with moids. They are dirty, smelly and demanding. Cats are at least semi self sufficient and clean.

I had one while I was peacefully walking reading Nawal El Saadawi jump up to my face with a open mouth and lick me. Stupid owners didn't have it on a leash. I didn't know this dog it jumped 5'3 feet up to my face could have easily bit me.

Also a pet dog did almost maul a family member to death. She needed plastic surgery to reconstruct her face at 80 years old. So how safe are they?

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Dogs don't respect boundaries, which is my least favorite trait in anything. And they are all inherently violent. They kill other animals for no reason all the time, or try to. Even the "nice" ones get aggressive when something interests them. I don't get people's obsession with them.

Not a big pet fan in general, but I can tolerate a cat because they are much more person-like in their preferences. A dog, no way.

Edit: lmaooooo I’m getting downvoted for this. I don’t care. I don’t like your stupid dogs.

Yeah I hate people making me seem like a bad person because I hate their dogs running up to me and licking my legs. Scratching up and down your legs and sniffing your crutch. They are man's best friend because the two are indistinguishable beasts.

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