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Because our ancestors, our trans-cestors, they fought so hard, but for the gay rights movement. But the main folks who are being targeted now are trans folks.

Lol, sorry but heterosexual scrotes in skirts haven't done shit for me other than take my spaces and threaten me with rape. The only thing I will center about them in my activism is how violent and sick they are, and how they have NOTHING to do with me, a homosexual woman who just wants to live my happy little life and meet a nice woman (a real one, not a man with a penis or a fauxgina) to share it with.

Trans will tear apart the gay and lesbian community and be left standing alone, claiming they were always the focus and leadership of the movement for gay rights.

Hopeful that this is the right circle. Heard this story on NPR this morning and it was really striking to me that they're not even trying to hide it any more, that some people really believe that Pride Marches should focus on the T, and shouldn't even do very much with LGB.

from the article:

With hundreds of anti-trans bills sweeping the nation, some say Pride should return to a protest, like its Stonewall roots.

Ciora Thomas, a Black trans woman from Pittsburgh, organizes an event called the People's Pride.

"As an LGBTQ community, we need to be centering Black and brown trans people," Thomas said. "Because our ancestors, our trans-cestors, they fought so hard, but for the gay rights movement. But the main folks who are being targeted now are trans folks."

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Fucking scrotes the whole lot of them. They feel like they can take over because they are spreading misinformation about OUR history. They do this every year.

And now they have that fucking flag back, with the rainbow being eaten away by the T. The bastards. It just makes me so mad that rainbow has to now have those ugly ass T colors

This is happening a lot. Any pride group they can't take over they bully until the group closes down and then create a queer/trans replacement.

I believe this happened to Boston Pride as well. They tried to do it in my city but I think they're holding a separate TQ Pride this year instead.

They tried to do it here in Sydney to the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. It's been under sustained attack for several years from the TQ to varying success. They weren't able to take over (late turnout of members block their attempt). They weren't able to change the name to remove "gay and lesbian", but they (and the media) act like they were successful and call it the Sydney Mardi Gras now. They weren't able to block police and defence force personal from marching. They did force a gay guy who had worked as a journalist for News Corp to resign after a sustained attack on him. They have taken over most of the events and got their awful "progress pride flag" plastered everywhere.

At the last Annual General Meeting the TQ wanted to move a series of motions that ranged from being pro-prostitution to supporting "transition leave" for the T, a general grab bag of left-wing causes. That failed by just 42 votes, so I think the writing in on the wall there and the Mardi Gras will fall eventually as well.

I stopped listening and reading npr. Its so full of pro trans, one sided articles.

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Fuck you TRAs.

Geez the gal of that supposedly lesbian woman advocating for this. You have no idea how you are alienating your lesbian sisters in the name of Men Right’s and their “Right” to wave their dick in skirts in front of lesbian’s faces.

Philly should know better but they don’t. They’re just like any other big city, very involved in swallowing up the gay and lesbians with the new world order of homophobia. It’s a betrayal to the gay community that once made Philly rich with culture: