I thought Villanelle was a hitwoman who had killed dozens of people, ruthlessly, for money and a nice life-style? And Eve was a policewoman who abandoned her job catching bad guys to become one because she had to have Villanelle? Am I missing something here? You sup with the devil, best bring a long spoon.

I think the fact that the couple is lesbian was less relevant than the fact that this is fiction and [insert Oscar Wilde quotation about fiction here]—although, generally speaking, I doubt that hitmen and hitwomen do live long enough to enjoy long, happy, peaceful retirements. This was a noir and the plot is a noir staple: cop meets femme fatale, leaves job, spouse, family, friends; one or both end(s) up dead. What I found more striking was that the the femme fatale who seduces and corrupts a cop was still a femme.

Well a lot of the anger is spurred from the fact that due to covid, the show went from a planned 5 season span down to 4, and they spent 4 seasons figuring out how to get these two characters together, just to kill one off in the final 2 minutes of the show. This was all after an entire season of heavy christian themes and just weird stuff due to a new head writer. Then the whole, seemed like the leads really did not agree with the ending, nor did the gay writer who wrote all of the pretty tender scenes between the two. People were understandably pissed, I mean the creator even says "the point of this show is to get Eve and Villanelle in the same room together." So it's perhaps expected for a show with characters like that to die, it just felt extra shitty given the circumstances plus they've probably been one of the better lesbian pairs on TV in recent times where we are kinda lacking.

Plus, in the books they're based on, the death is faked and they exit their lives to become normies essentially -- not this ending where woman who was forced to become an unfeeling killer for pay finally figured shit out because she met someone who made her want to give a damn just to get shot in the back.

Thank you, that makes a lot better sense now. I didn't realise the series was based on books, even. And I certainly didn't know that the pandemic had affected production.

No problem! It's a great show evenif it was without the romance, honestly but obviously was a huge plus and done well (up until the final moments..).

For whatever it's worth, I would say a lot of the community would've accepted both of them dying or some combination, if they actually had done it properly. If you were to watch the series fully I think you would agree with most people's sentiments it just really felt like they hit the last episode and were like "listen we got 5 mins left to fill and we're not getting another season, let's just kill one and collect the check." Even the lead writers 'perception' of the characters didn't feel correct - e.g. Eve comes up for air after jumping into the river and lets out probably the most despaired wail of sadness I've ever heard but the lead writer called it "a cry of survival" or something like that.

Never thought GoT would be outdone in 'how to ruin a series' but here we are.

Yeah I never watched more than one episode but a show about professional murderers is invariably going to end with them dead. Gay or not.