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Ok, this may sound weird, but I could picture myself in a romantic/sexual relationship with a dude if I were born a male. However, the thought of getting fucked by a man, especially as a woman, makes me wanna vomit. Straight sex has always seemed extremely degrading/dehumanising to me. I also find penises to be extremely gross, but maybe if I had one since birth that wouldn't be the case. There was a period in my life when I thought I was asexual, I also considered being a "gay" ftm. But then I realised I relate to a lot of American lesbians who talk about their relationships and I do find them attractive, so now I'm thinking I may actually be a lesbian. But I honestly don't know for sure. Being raised in a catholic, conservative country doesn't help. The fact that I was bullied by women for not being feminine enough through the entirety of my life doesn't help either.

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Hi this is almost my exact life story except for the bullying and I was raised Protestant evangelical, not Catholic. I am so sexually confused I signed up for sex therapy to see if that will help. Do you have romantic feelings for men? I can’t tell if this confusion comes from porn and porn culture (hence the fact that people my age at least never had a chance to se hetero sex as anything but degrading and humiliating for females and a power trip for males), evangelical Christian culture, or genuine homosexuality.

Oh and do you enjoy kissing men? I’ve seen kissing and making out as questions on Kinsey scale quizzes but I don’t really find kissing very sexual, much more romantic. So I like kissing a lot but hate how it always ends up with a dick I have to deal with.