Wait why did she have to fight off Jimmy Page??

Because he literally dragged her into his hotel room and unzipped his pants while trying to undress her. Didn't talk to her, just assumed she was his to take. It totally tracks with what we know now about him.

He's not the only asshole rock star she encountered, but that anecdote really jumped out.

Wow, that's actually somehow even worse than I was expecting you might tell us. So glad that she was able to fight him off but what an absolute piece of human garbage he was to ever think he had the fucking right to do that to her in the first place, ugh.

It's so awful to hear that Cassandra had to deal with not only Page but other assholes like him as well. She and all women deserve so much better than to be treated in such a vile way. Once again, Jimmy Page and his ilk can get fucked!

Unfortunately, there are worse encounters in the book, like a sexual assault by Wilt Chamberlain. Tough to read but I love her willingness to call these predators out.

Jesus fucking christ that’s disgusting, I’m glad she got away.

Good riddance to that asshole.