Because men will screech about how "unlikable" Rey or Captain Marvel are and then turn around and glorify Patrick Bateman or Arthur Fleck without a hint of irony πŸ™„

I watched the movie this past weekend and I thought the warning was clearly meant to be funny. The whole premise is a woman who lies about getting caught up in a terrorist attack, so anyone going into it should know you're about to see an unlikable protagonist. I took the warning as a joke, like telling people to just sit back and watch and don't waste their 90 minutes thinking they're clever for noticing how unlikable she is.

I don't know the movie but I still think it's slightly weird. I don't see anyone using the warning 'unlikeable male protagonist' for a joke in the same way. Maybe that's just me idk.

Because it wouldn't work as a joke for a male protagonist. People love unlikable male leads. No one needs a "warning" about a male lead because those characters have been around forever and are celebrated. The joke is that they dared to center the movie around a terrible woman and that's so rare that people need a warning.

hmmmmm. So you think the warning is basically supposed to make fun of the people who cant deal with those kinds of characters? I guess

What are your thoughts? Is it satirical? A joke? I ask because I personally got quite mad when I saw this on twitter. However there are many replies excusing it with "satire" or "referencing the double standards" or things of that nature. Or comparing it to south park's viewer discretion which is obviously a joke.

Personally I find it distasteful to put a warning about unlikeable female characters side-by-side to warnings of traumatic scenes or to a warning of flashing lights which might cause seizures, even if it was supposed to be funny, but that's just me. Either it cheapens the REAL warnings or makes unlikable women seem like a worse sin.

(FYI I did not see the movie so don't know the plot or exactly why the character is "unlikeable.")

Basically she's a vapid early 20s social media wannabe. She's not even really conniving, just lies by happenstance when trying to impress an execrable male-- well he's not really even a love interest, I guess more of a fleeting object of desire that's more a macguffin than a relationship-- then keeps expanding and exploiting the lie when she sees it confers benefits. Really every character in the movie is unlikeable. Reading that warning was included after feedback from focus groups, I guess now I have a better idea why it's there. Neither serious nor satire, it is there as a kind of petulant "malicious compliance" fuck you to the people who responded that they didn't really like the character, who the writer/director probably thought of as a self-insert so they took it personally and made a big butthurt show of "warning" future viewers about this terrible character. It is an immature response and makes total sense if the creators of the movie strongly identify with the settings, circumstances, and characters. The whole thing now is like a CollegeHumor yt video about interviewing pampered narcissist millennials for jobs.

It's a joke. It's not serious, although it's hard to tell these days.