I've logged in to second the Frances Ha plug in Ebert's article. It's a jewel of a movie, and the characters feel so real to me, and I relate so much to the female friendship. I've watched it 4-5 times.

Because men like to assume they are the center of women’s lives, and that we can’t have real friendships because we’re all jealous and catty with each other 🙄

For some reason, this headline is striking to me. Why is female friendship an "art"?

I love that “set it off” is on this list! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Hahaha! I’m far more into films about gangsta ass women than the whimsical stuff! I wish they had done an Old Town spinoff of Frank Millers “Sin City” , some might not like that it depicts prostitutes but I felt they were 3dimesional so badass

Are there any other films celebrating female friendship you would recommend, dear Ovarites?

Thank you for posting this, I haven't seen most of them (besides Thelma and Louise 😭 , and Bend it like Beckham)! I will start with "Nine to Five", it sounds like fun.

As for your question: no movies come to my mind, but one of my all-time favourite series: Golden Girls! they have good chemistry, and the series touched on so many serious topics over time. But was so funny as well! "Picture it: Sicily, 1912"