I love how the author can't even write the article without a two paragraph apology to trans "women" who can't even give birth or have an abortion. 🙄 What a joke.

Didn't finish the article, but just here to rant on the subject.

I am old. Been watching TV and movies a long, long time.

I can count on one finger either a TV show or movie that ever portrayed a character faced with an unwanted pregnancy (1) deciding to abort and (2) not suffering at the very least a lifetime of regret: Fast Times at Ridgemont High - directed by a woman, natch.

The Janes came out this year and is a great documentary. There's also zero gender nonsense. Everyone interviewed makes it clear that abortion is a women's issue.


Mostly, though, I try to use broader inclusive language that doesn’t exclude transgender or gender nonconforming people who can also get pregnant. It’s possible to talk about these issues and to recognize the overarching targeting of women and women’s rights in the attacks on abortion and reproductive freedom, while also recognizing society’s bigotries and persecution are intersectional in ways that apply the attacks on abortion and reproductive freedom to others as well. Attacks on women include attacks on trans women, and people seeking abortions include trans men and other nonbinary people.

I can't fucking deal with these people. Abortion has nothing to do with trans women. Every single person who can get pregnant is female whether she likes it or not, and gender nonconforming women are still women. Stop lumping us into the trans category. Just because I have short hair and wear men's clothes does not mean that I reject my biological sex.