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It's a fantastic movie. So many of the ghibli movies have excellent female protagonists, although they're made by men. I read that Miyazaki famously wasn't involved with his family and left his kids to his wife, at the expense of her own career in animation. He apparently promised her he would support her and she could have a career, but once they had kids, he went back on that promise. It really made me sad because I imagined him as a different man from the movies I've seen.

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Hayao Miyazaki is one of the few male storytellers that writes girls and woman as human beings.

[–] pennygadget 14 points (+14|-0)

I loved how most of the women in Eboshi's settlement were rescued prostitutes. Honestly, I think she deserves her own film. I'd love to watch her origin story!

[–] Moonpriestess 13 points (+13|-0)

What I found really I interesting about Lady Eboshi is that she is respected for her feminist-socialist activism (rescuing prostitutes, valorizing female labour, taking care of the lepers, giving the weak a home and the means to defend themselves).

However she's morally ambiguous in that she represents industrialisation. She lives in a lawless era, and her citizens can't just live peacefully in nature... she has no choice but to fortify her city, arm her citizens, and crush any threats to her town, whether it be animal spirits or rogue samurai.

What really threatens her socialist project is not Princess Mononoke or Moro, but rather the emperor: he's the one who paid Jigo for the forest-God's head. The emperor doesn't care what happens to the people he's supposed to protect... he wants that head for eternal youth. He's not even shown on screen, but his greed almost destroys both the forest and Lady Eboshi's town.

I love that movie, and for all of Miyazaki's faults, he makes great comments about the dangers of unchecked greed and selfishness.

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That movie is so rich and there is so much to analyze. I took a Japanese film class in college and my professor had a big "No Anime" policy for our final term paper, this movie being the exception. I can't remember the exact thesis, but being a science major I did focus on the environmental aspects. I enjoyed talking about the moral ambiguity of Eboshi! I absolutely loved her character - a strong woman with heart and compassion, but also decisive, and yet these very good causes were at odds with nature. Amazing movie.

[–] girl_undone 12 points (+12|-0) Edited

This is basically my favorite movie. I love how they portray the different sides in a conflict as being complicated and trying to survive in their own way. The conflicts aren't due to good and evil, but due to competition for the things that they need to get their needs met.

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Watching this movie gave me a hint that my marriage would need to end. When my ex-husband and I got home from seeing it, I asked what he thought. He complained that there were "no good guys and no bad guys." I had never heard him speak that way before, even though we had watched and discussed a lot of complicated films together. The movie simply made him uncomfortable. I swear he felt threatened by it. He started grumbling about watching so many movies with subtitles. It was...kind of pathetic, and so was he.

[–] DebraKadabra 10 points (+10|-0)

I love those characters! I eventually learned about Nausicaa and took my first leap into using ebay ha ha, this was a long time ago, and bought the manga. Absolutely amazing if you love brave women characters, environmentalism, and exploration of nihilism.

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I loved this movie. Watching it on a big screen feels really immersive and the beautiful shots and fast action makes this one of my favourite films.

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This is one of my favorites movies in the world, the visuals, the story, the music!

I rewatch it often whenever I feel like I have to go to the forest.

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I loved this movie. But it's actually a tale about industrial progress destroying the environment.

[–] vauqueline 5 points (+5|-0)

Only that?

[–] Griffxx 2 points (+2|-0)

An animal infected by an unclean spirit battles with the hero. He gets infected by the Boar. He goes on the hero's quest in search of a cure.

There is a little romance. But yes one of the manufacturers is a high born Lady who creates job for women in the factory and there is no sexual harassment. But at the same time she's destroying the natural world.

It's beautiful to look at, Neil Gaiman wrote the English language script.

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Yes it's one of my favorites :) I like how no character was really "bad." Eboshi was destroying the forest and got a god killed but she was compassionate towards lepers and helped former prostitutes escape.

and got a god killed

Technically she was forced to do so by the local warlords who kept attacking her. She got assistance in the forms of weapons and troops from the Emperor but in exchange was forced to kill the Forest Spirit so he could use it in an attempt to gain immortality, so you could say that some of the central bad guys who are to blame are never onscreen in the movie.