How embarrassing. I have only seen 4 of them and three of them were watched in a feminist film class in college.

I've seen... two πŸ˜… Pet Sematary (did not like) and The Watermelon Woman (pretty good). This list is so beyond my level haha. Which ones have you watched?

I've only seen two as well (A Question of Silence and Desert Hearts), πŸ˜… though I've also seen a few other films by some of the directors on the list.

Hmm, intriguing premise, and I speak dutch, and it's on youtube - definitely watching that first one soon. Desert Hearts' trailer looks good too. Thanks for your comment (and post). I've been trying to watch more woman-directed stuff.

Those two plus But Im a Cheerleader and Daughters of the Dust, which I highly recommend to anyone.

Cheerleader was already on my watchlist, will check out the other one, sounds super interesting. Thank you for the recommendation!

That's an amazing list. Film season is starting for me now, with fall and shorter days, so I'll go look to see if I can get a hold of the vintage ones to watch.

Interesting list! Thanks for sharing. They should have included tv series too 8D

Whoa, Priest was directed by a woman?!? I have such weird love for that film.