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Oh no! He seemed so lovely. I had no idea he was even 72; I thought he was younger. I loved his performance as Hagrid; the movies wouldn't have been half as charming without him (and the drop in charm when his character is sidelined is noticeable). I also really respect his decision to support JK Rowling despite the backlash from the transcult. RIP.

I heard about it earlier and was wondering when a thread was gonna pop up about it.

There’s another piece of my childhood just gone.

He made the character, he really did. He definitely seemed like a fantastic guy, someone who could have been your uncle.

And he was adamant about speaking up and backing up Rowling, which the little brats Radcliffe and Watson actively went against. And then they spoke out and said he’ll be sorely missed?

They pay their dues for him, while they actively bite at the things Coltrane had backed Rowling up on.

Saw this when I woke up today and it made me very sad. I loved him so much as a child. Haven't seen the movies in a long time but I remember how sweetly he drew the character of Hagrid, who in less capable hands could have just been a joke. Rest in peace, Robbie. Thank you so much.


I've seen way too many comments today basically shrugging over his death because he supported Rowling.

Actively celebrating it even. TRAs are unbelievably vile people.

Disgusting. They can't even say they disagreed with him but they liked his performance as Hagrid (which they all did).

Great bit part in an obscure Richard Dreyfus/Teri Garr film "Let it Ride," as a teller at a horse track. And dropped his accent! I always loved Hagrid's empathy and generosity, he was such a good character.


He was a decent human being, from all I know, and was one of the few Harry Potter actors who fit their roles perfectly.

Why do they die so young? Alan Rickman wasn't that old either, and from what I know, neither lived the kind of life that might be blamed for famous actors dying young (alcohol and other drugs and excessive partying and all that).

Oh Robbie had a big drink problem on and off. Iron constitution when young, could put it away by the gallon. And relatedly very overweight. It's not a surprise that he'd not make the oldest of bones since his heart was probably working overtime much of his life. But it's so sad.

helen mccrory was only in her early 50s. died of breast cancer last year :(

Very talented, versatile actor, and one of the few Potter cast members who publicly sided with JKR.

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