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At 0:15 Bruno explains that one of his rat plays is about the love between an aunt and nephew with a weary sigh 'their love could never be" he then explains to his neice that it's a "kind of forbidden.."

Even as someone who read the inspiration for this film (100* years of solitude) I missed it the first time through. Yes there is an incestous romance between an aunt and nephew in the book.

Since Bruno is her uncle and he's romantically talking about a relationship between an aunt and niece he's grooming her here and more disturbing since this film is marketed towards children... The scene itself is an act of grooming since it romanticizes the relationship between an aunt and nephew.

*Edited 1k should have been 100 years of solitude.

Good catch! Forgive me for being pedantic but it’s 100 years of solitude not 1000. And that’s one of my favorite books! Silly me I didn’t even think the comparison.

That is absolutely a little grooming line. And notice of course that they went with aunt and nephew. When that’s not a fucking issue. It’s when the uncle is going after the little girl. Fuck these people.

No you're right thanks for the catch! It's been literally decades since I read it. I like Gabriel Garcia Marquez but his topics really aren't for children's films ...

And yes I notice the whole gender inversion too... ironically while an uncle uses the example to normalize it to his niece. Creepy creepy.

his topics really aren't for children's films ...

to say the least! I mean, I read it as a child/teen, but yeah, no

I wonder if there is a collections of grooming statements founding Disney