Have you seen this movie yet? I wouldn't be surprised if men did this...

Have you seen this movie yet? I wouldn't be surprised if men did this...


I am coming to this late as I’ve just watched it but yes, I also wouldn’t be surprised if men did this.

When it switched to their real lives and there was Harry Styles listening to some MRA style podcast and getting pissed at Florence for working, I was like yup yup I can see this happening.

His character really tears off her wings. I was emotional at the scene where she confronted him, he argues that he made a decision to improve her life she and shouted “it was my life”, I think a lot of women could relate to that scene in different ways.

I loved it, and it was full of so many small cues that there was a woman behind the lens, relating to women, like (spoiler but not really) when she wakes up from a nightmare struggling to breathe, her husband is basically using her as a body pillow and does not move at all and is hogging the center of the bed, or when there is a burlesque act, the women in the frame look unhappy or try to hide their discomfort.

You can really tell the difference between media made by men and media made by women, and it is gratifying to finally get things that feel authentically made by women.

Definitely one of those movies you watch twice.

Yes this!!! and the men were controlling them but at the same time so powerless it was amazing

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I enjoyed this movie. I still don't understand to what extent the women were brainwashed. They all seemed so happy, like they had been programmed to love being a housewife. But at the same time, questions and defiance still broke through. So did they still have some free will and if so, what does that say about their bliss?

You might be interested in looking up the original script. Some changes were made, obviously, and it's interested to see where the OG writers wanted to take it.

where did the OG writers want to take it?

Chris Pine's role isn't it and it's more focused on what happens after Alice finds out, with more back and forth between the present 2050 and the simulation. Jack is her ex-husband who arranged for her to go missing after she divorced him. There's more focus on her understanding what's happening and why the men are doing it and trying to rescue the other women. The final ending is still her escaping, though.

Omg I wish we had more of that background. I wanted to know the other women's stories!

Just watched this! I really enjoyed it. I liked the revelation of the sort of character Jack really was in real life. Don't want to post too many spoilers but it was great.

I completely agree, when we were brought into real life and saw how he is, it was so interesting. It all made sense!

It’s funny how he tells her he did it for her to make her happy…but there’s definitely another side to it where he was unhappy that she was more successful than him and couldn’t cope with feeling emasculated by (what he no doubt feels is) an unfair “gender role” reversal. He wants to be the successful, powerful one while she waits on him.

I don’t know if it links to anything, but it definitely sounds like all the men who told me not to worry about some creepy guy.

“He is harmless”

Yes bro, I’m sure you have nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, I’ll just be staying in public places when he is about