Anyone has watched it?

I personally enjoyed much more than the first part and was glad to learn about a real historical event - the Matchstick girls strike

Anyone has watched it? I personally enjoyed much more than the first part and was glad to learn about a real historical event ->! the Matchstick girls strike!<


Not watching it, but found this article on the strike while looking at pictures of the strikers and other victims of phossy jaw.


I knew a bit about the whole thing, and that spoilered part of the movie for me, I never bought the "It's typhus" excuse, and was like "WTF, why do they check the girls' mouths for typhus, when it is well known that making matches destroys the jaw?"

Yes, phossy jaw was a known thing for decades. Hell, Booth (he of the Salvation Army) had set up a factory making matches without using white phosphorus to try to give consumers a reason not to use it. Paid the workers better, too.

I LOVED it! Thought it was better than the first! My daughters loved it, too! And we were able to discuss that historical event, which was icing on the cake!

Yeah, I didn't know about the strike and I enjoyed googling some history after the movie

Haven't watched it in full, but I get why the guys is in the movie, for romance🙄 but in the books I believe he was only in the first one. Wish they had kept with that. Like can we stop shoving romance down girls throats, can we all not just enjoy a female hero without some guy there. Other then that, the movies are hella fun and I think they're a great for girls, more of this type of content please. Good for the actress producing these movies, she hit it out of the park with this project.

Oh yeah, I was disappointed with the romance part after the 1st movie. Like I would've preferred them being friends

I actually liked the guy more than I usually like male love interests, so that was a plus, and wasn't opposed to the romance as such, but I could have done without the sillyness of teen jealousy interfering with the plot.

(Much preferred the way it was done in Harry Potter where those things happened, but didn't get in the way of the plot. Like, I would have hated if Harry had ever even considered letting Cedric die because he was Cho's boyfriend.)

Enola's insistence that he was an idiot got on my nerves, cause he was really a rather thoughtful young man, and she would have likely solved the case faster (and with less embarrassments) if she had made him her Watson and let him help.

In fact, I fully expected her to rely on his knowledge of society - but instead she spends much of the plot of the first and second movie embarrassing herself in front of the upper classes. I guess she is meant to be relatable to the audience, but as someone who reads Jane Austen it was ... almost painful to watch how she goes and talks to men she hasn't been introduced to.

I haven't finished watching the second movie, and guess it will be something of the moral that she should have let her love interest help more, but ... it still is frustrating.

But that's rather the point, he's not even supposed to be in this movie and now that he is they've used it as a way to make Enola look bad, or just diminish her in a way. They've really made him an angel sort of character, likely because they have a young girl audience and romanticization of boys is highly encouraged to that demographic. I feel the movie would have done better without him, just as Enola did in the books. And I'm not trying to be a purity check for books vs movies, I just think it's a missed opportunity and almost lazy to go romance route.

The guy is thoughtful indeed, I just think there isn't much girl-boy friendship representation, so when I was watching the 1st part, I was rooting for them to stay friends, but, alas

I liked it, despite some mild complaints that others have already mentioned. Looking forward to more of these!