Love this movie and also loved the next one:

Aliens. Bad ass women! Includes my favorite lines.

Man: Private Hudson: Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?

Woman: Private Vasquez : No. Have you?

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a lot of sexual politics there too eg commentary on how rape of women has been turned into entertainment, including the fear of unwanted pregnancy, risks of pregnancy, and reversing that (eg the alien's head is phallic, the alien orally rapes men, impregnates them, a baby alien bursts out of them in a lethal "birth"...)

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I've never seen this movie but this synopsis gave me a giggle 😹

It really is the most accurate synopsis. :p It’s a good movie. I liked it, it has a female scientist as the main character, which is cool. I only watched it for the first time last year and am glad I did.

Gotta watch some more classic movies like this... if anyone has suggestions, let me know!

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I saw it probably a couple of years or so after it came out, when I was 18. Mostly I remember being barely able to understand the dialogue because of the terrible soundtrack (it was a lousy print the college had obtained), the chestburster scene, and being terrified Jones would be killed. I was afraid he’d prove to be infected as they were escaping.