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The attack just kept going. From what I saw it looked like the man reached out to touch the woman and she smacked his hand away.

Then noticed how the other men, not involved btw, joined in like a pack of wild dogs. Kicking, punching and dragging her by her hair.

It's like a switch flipped in their heads.

Men are so animalistic. You're exactly right, a pack of wild dogs

The trigger for the fight was also blamed on the man “being turned down after hitting on a woman under the influence of alcohol.”

Yeesh another one. And they wonder why women are afraid to say no and don't give men a straight answer.

Women can't even just eat a meal in public in a busy restaurant without facing male violence. Nowhere is safe for us

Archived here: https://archive.ph/9ePUU

Tagged NSFW because the news article contains photos and videos of the brutal attack.