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I'm not even surprised how many people in that thread are bending over backward to assume the OP's "old knee injury" is incredibly debilitating. Dude gave no detail about the type of severity of that injury at all, but according to the comments he obviously cannot walk any distance and should have a handicapped parking permit.

And of course, the comments are also full of people insisting that pregnancy is physically no big deal. She can cope.

Men always get the benefit of the doubt and every excuse made for them and women never do.

What a surprise that Preddit sides with the selfish man. Not making life more difficult for a pregnant woman is not ‘privilege’ - it’s common decency and actually law in many countries.

We have to stop birthing babies for them. It has to stop. These men think they have a say or something and we enable it by continuing to provide free labor.

We can’t really complain about things like this until women quit doing this shit for men.

We can’t really complain about things like this until women quit doing this shit for men.

Uh...yes we can. Its not pregnant women's fault that men are assholes. And its not okay to put the onus on them to somehow control male behavior.

You’re right, definitely. But it’s also not married women’s fault. Or women who sleep with men. Sometimes it gets frustrating feeling there will never be accountability or consequences because we keep giving them free shit.

I just will never understand why women continue to sleep with men.

I didn’t birth my baby for a man, I birthed her for me.

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If men could get pregnant they'd get a chauffeur-driven limousine to work every day. And home again in the evening. No, actually, come to think of it, they wouldn't have to work at all.


Yeah, pregnant ladies. Stop vomiting up your breakfast every morning and going to the bathroom every fifteen minutes!

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They should have at least one spot for a pregnant woman in the first damn place. It's so annoying when men do this unrelenting "me-me-me logic logic logic I think I'm really smart the rules say this no empathy no common sense i wont budge" kind of thing

She should have been able to go to her manager and the manager ensures that she has a suitable spot and that it’s kept available for her. We don’t know if she tried that and didn’t get much so was left to appeal to her coworkers’ better natures.

I’ve been in AITA for a long time and without fail any post that is about somebody showing compassion to another person is met with NTA from predditors who think it’s an infringement of their human rights to show any consideration to another human being, particularly if it’s someone of a female persuasion. It’s honestly quite depresssing to read things along the lines ‘screw that disabled neighbour - park where you want. If he can’t walk to his house from further away he should have thought of that’

I’ve been in AITA for a long time and without fail any post that is about somebody showing compassion to another person is met with NTA from predditors who think it’s an infringement of their human rights to show any consideration to another human being

Unless that other person is trans. In which case its LITERAL MURDER to not kiss their ass and accommodate them

Honestly, the lack of parking for disabled people sounds like a problem there. If this story happened in America, the pregnant woman might have legal recourse. Its absurd that the free spot by the door isn't designated for disabled or pregnant employees

What a vile nasty POS. I hope when he's old and disabled he gets the same courtesy shown to him

Of course the cHiLdfReE Predditors agree.

I know this is going to be a seriously unpopular opinion but I don’t necessarily see the issue here. Is the guy a bit of a jerk? Yes, but if we assume she’s in America, you can get a temporarily disabled placard for disability caused by pregnancy. The red ones you see in windows are temporary, you can get them for a broken leg that will eventually heal, or a tough pregnancy that makes it difficult to get around. I’m sorry but does she call other businesses she visits ahead of time with the same request? The OP is a bit rude, but he’s not wrong about the way parking lots work. The spaces you see for pregnant women or families or veterans or whatever at some businesses are not legal or enforceable. We do have a system to address that though, disability parking. The same is true of the OP as well though, if his “knee injury” is such that he requires closer parking, he can have his doctor request a placard to accommodate him.

I’m certainly not a misogynist and if it were me I wouldn’t particularly care and would probably park elsewhere just to keep the peace, but I would find the request inappropriate. She’s asking all of her coworkers to basically police a parking space for her rather than coming in a few minutes earlier or getting a placard to allow her to be accommodated.

I would not have had difficulty walking whatever distance from my car was required at any time during my pregnancies; I would have had no greater physical need to be near the door when I was pregnant than when I wasn't. If this woman is suffering from some kind of disability as a result of her pregnancy (which could well be the case) then this guy is being a major arsehole by refusing to help her; but if she's otherwise fit and healthy, then I think she's being a bit cheeky.

That’s the other part of it, if she is truly suffering, I agree, he’s being a jerk. However, it’s not up to the business or her coworkers to address that, and it shouldn’t be. If she is physically in need of preferential parking, legally speaking, the business and her coworkers absolutely cannot enforce that, it has to be done with a legally recognized disability placard or it opens them up to liability and the OP can demand a parking space for his knee, and two desks over can demand a parking space for her sore back or whatever. This is why this is adjudicated through proper legal channels anyway.

If I were the boss I would be counseling her as well, not just because I legally can’t give her a space, but because I can’t know how many employees agreed but are salty about it and how much animosity she may have caused for everyone else. I have sympathy, I do, but preferential treatment is dangerous for the business and all the employees who work there.

Same. Like there are functions for ensuring you have access to a close parking spot. Those options are the ones she should have pursued because those options don't require anyone else to buy in as an unofficial bargain.

I likely also would not treat the spot as anything other than first come first serve. If the company wants to make it an official pregnancy parking spot then they should. But otherwise it's first come first serve. She should try to get in first.

Dude might be an asshole but he's not wrong. 🤷‍♀️

I hope his "bad knee" snaps so he has an actual reason to take the space