[https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11072127/Jennie-Platt-beaten-rugby-star-boyfriend-Ricky-Bibey.html](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11072127/Jennie-Platt-beaten-rugby-star-boyfriend-Ricky-Bibey.html) JUSTICE

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I would like to take a moment to express my sorrow over the loss of..

I just can’t

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The friend continued: 'Jennie had been with Ricky for three years. They went to Florence for what was supposed to be a health break at a spa. Ricky had suffered mental health issues in recent times and experienced a serious downturn in the last six months.

He was 40 years old. It seems like quite an odd case medically: both a mental breakdown and heart disease at that age.

I wonder if it has to do w performance enhancing drugs and traumatic brain injury plus the stress of being an asshole

I was following this story and when it first broke the police said they believed it was a 'sex game gone wrong'. I was immediately sceptical because people in the hotel heard screaming and the woman was beaten to a pulp...what kind of sex game is that? It's just disturbing that this asshole tried to kill this woman and the police's first thought was 'oh this was sexy'.

I'd like to think it was karma but it might have been the drugs. If his mental health was worsening as the article describes and only in the last 6 months, he wasn't used to psyche drugs. Plus, of course, you shouldn't be taking them with cocaine and alcohol. Let alone just coke and alcohol. I'm not sure it was justice. A quick relatively painless death instead of being tired and publicly humiliated. If he had lived, this would have dragged down him, his team, and his legacy. As it is now, i think people will just say he was out of his mind and will continue to remember him as a decent man. Please remember our rule on not editorializing the title. You are free to comment on your own post with your thoughts or put them in the body of the post.