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I've worked fast food and its wild how crazy people get over their food being messed up. No one ever tried to shoot me over fries; but I did get robbed at gunpoint because someone didn't want to pay.

The witness said his own son was fatally shot six years ago, “so it wasn’t a good scene for me.

“I took it personally because I have experience of the trauma of what it did to my family – no grandchildren.”

This line really hit me. It shows how this level of violence has ripple effects on the whole neighborhood

I'm glad you survived. I never was robbed, but people were jerks working retail to me. I noted that part too, makes it more tangible in a way. So much trauma in the world.

The 23-year-old victim was working at the fast-food joint at 1531 Fulton St. in Bedford-Stuyvesant around 7 p.m. Monday when he started getting hassled by a female customer over her fries, the source said. The woman was FaceTiming her 20-year-old son during the argument, and the son soon stormed into the restaurant and began fighting with the employee, the source alleged. “The mom complained that her fries were cold,’’ the police source said. “The mom was on FaceTime with her son, and he heard the dispute between her and the clerk. The son and the clerk got into a dispute inside, and it went outside.”

It's misplaced aggression. Is that normal to be facetiming only yards away?

The suspected shooter has been previously arrested several times, including for grand larceny in 2019 and assault and theft of service in 2018, sources said. He also has numerous sealed arrest cases against him, they said.

No surprises here.

The business owner said the shooter’s mom “was in shock” afterward. “She was giving [cops] all the information,’’ the woman said. “She admitted to police, ‘I called my son.’ ”

The focus imo is too much on the mother. While she probably could have done a better job raising him, an argument is clearly not grounds for shooting someone.