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But for some inexplicable reason he took a photo of her personal contact details and saved them for after work, County Court Judge Angela Ellis said

Yes, the reason sure is “inexplicable”. Fuck sake.

Something similar happened in Canada when a woman traveller was made to go to a “quarantine hotel” and a male quarantiner forced his way into her room. She was almost raped.

These policymakers are clearly men.

Ikr?? Like, didn't you ask any WOMEN if there were problems with these proposed systems??

There is no end to the need for personal vigilance, even in your own home, under quarantine. What a sleazeball.

Women's safety is put at risk routinely and repeatedly.

I know someone who works in a call centre very much like the one mentioned in the article, and they had a case of a man using a woman's address he found out through his job there, too. (From what I heard, he just tried to score a date by bringing her flowers while she was in quarantine, but you can imagine how she felt about that. He was fired, but no further consequences as far as I'm informed.)

To paint you a picture: They basically hired random people off the street for minimum wage and let them access sensitive data from day one on. (It was required to hand in an official document stating that they had not been convicted of a crime after roughly two weeks of employment.)

I know that even the most diligent of background checks won't keep pervy men out completely, but it would be easily possible to hire only women for such jobs. Or pay enough to actually get people who have normal social boundaries. (Dude mentioned above was ... hopefully not a rapist, but certainly a weirdo with no sense of what constitutes responsible behaviour.)

Totally agree--as long as it was a warm body, they hired them. No sense that these people could pose a threat to women, at all!