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Saw this one last night, and wished like hell there had been an actual woman on that panel willing to ask 'what exactly do you propose to solve this?' Make them articulate it, because outside of incel corners these dudes still tend to have enough sense to be reluctant to publicly verbalize the conclusion that women should be distributed like resources to unstable, violent men to keep that violence contained to the home. Because it's always the unspoken part, that more women should be putting up with shitty men, not that we should be making men less shitty so that they're actually people women would want as partners, not that it's on men to improve themselves and actually be likeable and actually treat women decently. And not a word about how so many of these rabidly misogynistic men hole themselves up just consuming porn and playing video games nonstop. They hit on 'men living in their mother's basements,' and don't really unpack that into men who have time, opportunity, financial support from their parents to put towards self-improvement...and refuse to use those opportunities. The 'oh poor men' sob story falls a little flat when it becomes apparent that the thing that's poisoning them the most is society's enablement of them, that the thing they're drowning in is not having to do anything they don't want to.

And it's particularly infuriating coming from (or being nodded along with by) Maher, who's an infamous bachelor by choice and knows first fucking hand that men are capable of living on their own without it 'driving them to become mass murderers.'

I’ve seen a few iterations of this argument about the “poor lonely uneducated unemployed violent men” at this point and your point about the unspoken part is so on point to how I interpret it every time. Every argument of this nature poses the fault as women’s for not sacrificing themselves to men to “save society.” I remember what it was like for the women of my mothers generation who didn’t have the same resources and choices. I can still see the faces of the women I knew were abused in their homes and couldn’t leave, usually the mothers of my friends. Friends who would sometimes whisper to me about what happened behind closed doors. The violence has always been there from shitty men, but they had a punching bag at home. Women are refusing to be that punching bag anymore and these men have the audacity to suggest that is a bad thing. I think a lot of what is happening in society right now is trying to force women back into the home.

Same, and it's scary to think of being forced back into that unspoken role of being men's private punching bags so they can 'let off steam' in private and society can pretend there isn't a problem.

My grandparents were married for almost 70 years. My grandfather 'had a temper' but never hit her, but I know damn well she would have left if she'd felt she could (she even did for a while, just came back). I don't see their marriage, even what I saw of it at the end, as something to aspire to, I see it as a warning.

well said. and this:

"wished like hell there had been an actual woman on that panel willing to ask 'what exactly do you propose to solve this?' "

They also always seem to gloss over how many men WITH wives and families go the murder-suicide route when they're claiming men becoming homicidal is due to 'not getting a woman.'

YES. Male violence has nothing to do with women. It's not our fault. It's not something that we have any control over. Men create this problem entirely on their own, they enable it entirely on their own, they ignore the signs of trouble!!! entirely. on. their. own. Women tell men that boys who abuse animals are growing up to become abusive men. Men ignore us. Women tell men that incels are being radicalized into terrorists online. Men ignore us. Women tell men that their boyfriends are a dangerous powder keg and that they are afraid to leave. Men don't just ignore us, they call us liars.

The victim blaming goes on and on and on and none of these men who hand wring over male violence ever want to acknowledge that this ball is all in their court and it is they who are part of the problem.

When are men ever not in a crisis? They rape and murder women pretty much all the time, and yet they whine and whine and complain as if they are the ones who have it bad.

Men whining over women getting standards? Count me shocked. They were offended educated women preferred only dating educated men. Galloway up-in-arms about the "dating inequalities" over women's choices leads me to believe he knows nothing of nature. The best potential mate will always be chosen. Plus who wants a partner that you cannot have stimulating conversations with?

It is funny they mention the rates of males unemployed or not pursuing higher education. "Women are getting an up in academics," as if this is a travesty. You know why women are pushing through? Unlike their peers they have no safety net. They get paid dirt even when they are the best in their fields. Yet they persist in unlikely achievements. Why don't they ask these young men what gives?

"Plus who wants a partner that you cannot have stimulating conversations with?"


I’ve said this blackpill before, but a not-insignificant portion of men would be happy as shit if their wives were literally lobotomized while still retaining cooking, cleaning and sex services. Basically a pliable, agreeable automaton. They’d be HAPPY.

Not even happy. This is actively what the VAST majority want. They are visibly angry when they don’t get it.

Women enter college more than men because unlike men, women don't have ANY alternatives to white collar labor that pays well.

Men who have wives who out earn them are more likely to cheat - that fragile ego. So of course women are going to prefer men on their level or above. Who wants to keep a husband in video games when he arranges hook ups on Tinder while you’re working?

Wah wah wah "society depises men" Hmmm.. I wonder why?

Why don't women want to date me, a totally average looking man with no formal education, no job, a complete unwillingness to be a equal partner in a relationship and who despises women who checks notes have standards????? Who in their right mind would want to date you?

Poor things, cry me a fucking river. The millennia during which women were a zillion times more suppressed, held down, shut out, confined than men will EVER be...(and so many women still are)...and we don't go around raping and killing and starting wars. Learn to deal with it, losers.

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Oh my God I can't. After he was excusing mass murders, violence and racism because men are lonely I noped the fuck out of there. And then people started cheering for that lol. Men are so unbelievably pampered. Look at the way Society scrambles to solve piddly ass little male problems. The real problem is that men are excessively pampered and entitled and when women choose to not revolve their lives around solving men's problems they think this is oppression.

This guy seriously trying to tell me it's a travesty that only one in three guys have had sex in the past year. This is seriously a fucking joke. As a class women have suffered so immensely and we never return even a fraction of the violence that men dish out to us. This kind of entitlement and tone deafness is just astonishing and I should be used to it by now but it never ceases to amaze me

As the quote goes, ‘men are lucky women only want equality and not revenge’.

Tinder isn't the problem if you view women like pizza to begin with 🙄

3 men (mostly Scott Galloway) blaming women for men's shortcomings. Quelle surprise! They never seem to get around to saying that while, yes, women do obtain more higher education than men, men still get most of the higher paid jobs, still make most of the money, and still own most of the property.

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Men have been in crisis forever, as have women, we just are being made feel bad for men because women are supposed to sacrifice and suffer! Whether it is pregnancies, female health issues--which are often dismissed, inequal pay and sexual harassment in the workplace, violence against us, we are now also expected to coddle men's feeling by letting them into places we are most vulnerable. Yet, they are in crisis.

I hate the narrative that sending a dick pic “sometimes” works. No it’s sexual harassment. No woman wants to see an unsolicited dick pic. Men need to learn to do better but instead they just keep justifying their bad behavior.

That said I’m glad to see that so many of them are losing. Good. Stay mad losers.