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It pisses me off how men have blocked off black women from feminism and forced them to center their concerns on them. Black women are the demographic who suffer the most domestic violence and assault and dehumanization and they have to spend all their energy fighting black men's problems. They can't start a movement without it getting hijacked with the MUH TRANS BLACK WIMMIN and having to protect themselves from run-of-the-mill racism along with everything else.

It's fucking frustrating to watch but you can't say anything if you're not black because you'll be a accused of racism, even if the women you want to protect are black themselves, since black men are higher on the "hierarchy" than black women. It makes me want to cry. That man preyed on a lot of women and I just KNOW that the anger is going to be directed at white women somehow. I wish I could help in a more succinct way but I can't talk over other people so I will sit here seething.

I was very glad to find WOC on Ovarit who are fighting for their rights including the right not to be treated as a "category" of women alongside "transwomen"... (vomit emoji at perhaps my least favourite TRA move). White women are caught between silence and being accused of The Karen Trifecta ( = racism, entitlement, & transphobia—though it does sound a bit like a Robert Ludlum novel as well). Here, at least, I can read what WOC radfems actually think, say, and do about their situation and get some ideas about what I should say when defending their rights online without the risk of exploiting them, misinterpreting them, or speaking over them.