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When will incels be classed as a terrorist organisation ? Recently there was a story about an incel who killed a 6 year old girl, here in the UK there was one that killed a toddler and her father. My first introduction to incels was a post made by one that genuinely made me feel sick .

He described a sexual fantasy whereby he would buy a child sex slave , then when she reached the age of 21, he would buy a new child sex slave and execute the old one in front of the new one and tell her this is her future.

These men are lower than scum, I don’t think the older generations truly understand how disgusting these men are. I’ve sadly had to deal with them for a good chunk of my life now , being Gen Z , incel ideology and language has been ingrained in meme culture and normalised through it. I’m tired of people brushing them off as sad , lonely young men- they are lonely for a fucking reason.

I'm just finishing Men Who Hate Women and wonder how I managed to end up with a guy like my husband.