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When will incels be classed as a terrorist organisation ? Recently there was a story about an incel who killed a 6 year old girl, here in the UK there was one that killed a toddler and her father. My first introduction to incels was a post made by one that genuinely made me feel sick .

He described a sexual fantasy whereby he would buy a child sex slave , then when she reached the age of 21, he would buy a new child sex slave and execute the old one in front of the new one and tell her this is her future.

These men are lower than scum, I don’t think the older generations truly understand how disgusting these men are. I’ve sadly had to deal with them for a good chunk of my life now , being Gen Z , incel ideology and language has been ingrained in meme culture and normalised through it. I’m tired of people brushing them off as sad , lonely young men- they are lonely for a fucking reason.

I'm just finishing Men Who Hate Women and wonder how I managed to end up with a guy like my husband.

I went to the article and read about 150 comments. Zero concern for women. A lot of comments blamed QAnons or bad mothering and also suggested incels using prostitutes as a solution. Since the article states these incels are violent and femicidal, they're suggesting that incels should be allowed to murder prostituted women then? I want off this planet.

Teenage boys are among the forum’s most active and extreme users, according to the CCDH. In one instance, a boy who said he was 17 was recorded as being on the forum for an average of 10 hours per day during the period of the report, posting an average of 40 times per day, the report said. Another, who claimed to be 15, spent an average of five hours per day on the site, posting repeatedly about his desire to commit a mass shooting.

Today's youth have more and more free time on their hands and this is what they're doing with it. They have fewer chores, school seems to be less challenging, and few of them play sports. Few kids work on the farm or have side hustles anymore. They're constantly attached to their electronic leashes. I think they need more physical activity and more practical skills and they need to spend far, far less time on the internet.