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Angry dickwad.

Weak assed man. What was her crime that made him so…emotional…and out of control of his feelings and unable to manage his actions?

Don’t most of us learn this after toddlerhood?

I hope that poison eats him alive

I’m just sorry for her that some of it spilled out on her.

I’m sorry for what she went through, but I hope she can take solace in the fact she doesn’t live with that cesspool of a mind

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Good grief— with the tiny amount of space between most airplane seats, some bumps are inevitable even when we try very hard not to bother others.

I doubt she bumped him that hard at all if she just shifted her head on the damn tray table. This asshole is high on his own narcissistic rage. He’s the kind who would shoot a stranger in a road rage incident. And he definitely sounds sexist and racist.

I had a neighbor like this who threatened to run over a child who “got too close” to his stupid Hummer. No one was even near his fucking car.