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This makes me fucking ill. I really hate this fucking bullshit of “she’s a mother.” The reason he did not kill this woman is because she had a child and the child’s life meant more to this piece of shit than the woman. She’s a human being too you fuck, not just a child’s mother. Lovely to think that if she had committed the further crime of not bearing children she’d be dead. Disgusting.

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Too true.

Also, in reality, he didn’t kill her only because he didn’t want to go to jail. The “she’s a mother” reason is BS. Men massacre women and children all the time, including their own partners and their own children. They regularly harm children to exact revenge against the mothers of those children, and brutally murder mothers right in front of their children.

This “Nice Guy” with a gun would kill both the mother and her child if he could get by with no repercussions.

Men like him shoot up schools and daycares, take headshots at strangers’ toddlers during road rage fights, run over random children with a van in an incel rage because they’re “mad about not getting laid,” bayonet babies and assault their mothers during pretty much every war, and on and on.

Reminds me of the thread a while ago where all those redditors mocked and attacked a woman who was raped for freaking out in a supermarket because someone behind her scared her. They called her a toddler, said she shouldn't be allowed in public and called her slurs. Funny how they don't say that about a man who was going to shoot a woman for telling him not to smoke. Apparently yelling at a man is worse than wanting to shoot a woman

Women aren’t allowed to have feelings at all, even if we don’t express them while men are literally excused for killing us. The woman didn’t even touch the op, she just told him not to smoke where he shouldn’t. I love how he glossed over that part. He should be able to do anything he wants because of HIS feelings, but fuck some woman telling him to smoke somewhere else.

Also considering how men frame even a woman asking something politely as being hysterical, I’m extremely skeptical that he was being “harassed” or that what she said was that bad. Lord knows how much everyone likes to intervene when there’s a “Karen” at large to video her and put it online. The fact that no one did anything pretty much indicates that he is exaggerating her actions and words

"But men are oppressed because women are allowed to show emotion and men aren't!!!" 😭

Ugh. I'm so tired of this lie. Like you said, women get punished for getting emotional ALL THE TIME! We're accused of weaponizing our fake tears to get what we want. Meanwhile, scrotes want a pat on the back for not gunning down their neighborhood every time they're sad

I saw that video and immediately assumed the woman might be autistic or developmentally disabled in some way. That same behavior from a man would have been immediately assumed as autistic rather than just "entitled bitch."

Also I like add that smoking is bad to non smokers as well. Hasn't this idiot heard of second hand smoking. Plenty of people get sick due to people smoking around them even when they don't smoke themselves can cause ear infections or even worse a stroke. Maybe she was worrying for her kids health

This story sounds like bs, like most stuff on preddit. As an ex smoker, you don't just pick up a pack of cigs 6 years after quitting and smoke half a pack outside a shop front. You would be violently ill if you even tried. About 4 months into quitting, I broke down and bought a pack and tried to smoke one and I couldn't do it. Also, we all know women don't just walk up out of the blue and start harassing random men for no reason. These incels just love making up stories about the time they almost killed a woman.

The true part is just the part where he thinks about murdering women.

I'm also an ex smoker and have been scolded by women on the street for smoking. Annoying, yes. Murder-worthy, no. Guessing at most she was chiding him for smoking around her kid.

Yes. And even if it's pure fiction, there are still scores of men rushing to sympathize with him, telling him they "totally understand".

The only time I ever had someone chide me for smoking was a man at a bar. I could see the shop owner shooing him away from the entrance but just some random woman with a child? Nah. Odds are he was just looking for a target for his rage.

I found the story suspicious too. If any of it happened, the woman might have just asked him to go smoke further from the door. It happens. I avoid smoking near people, but I have been asked to move away before.

And what? The guy wants a cookie for controlling himself and not murdering a person? Nah, he just wants to talk about how he wants to kill women he dislikes. This is why only women should be able to have guns.

Yeah I caught that too. Years ago, 15 now, I smoked a pack of Marlboros every day, often with a Black & Mild in the evening. On the rare occasion when I light up now, I can't make it through one cigarette before the nicotine nausea kicks in.

All I can handle now is the occasional clove cigarette as a treat, or a very low dose vape.

Oh ya, I loved a Marloboro red every now again. Over the years I smoked Marlboro lights, camel lights, then the camels with the little menthol ball in them. Quitting was soooo hard, and ya I don't think people understand how strong nicotine is. Totally know what you mean by nicotine nausea. I had my last cigs on the way to the airport for a two week vacation, vaped on the vacay. Was sooo tempted but stuck it out.

Haha it was always fun to watch people smoke hookah for the first time and then go puke. Or try to cheef down a cigar like it was a cigarette.

I thought the cigs thing was weird. But I have also seen someone sober for months chug a whole bottle on impulse. But I dont smoke or drink myself to have experience. Taking it as possibly true rather than truth on the internet is always smart. But if the story is indeed fake, the multitudes of comments praising the low bar of his restraint of murdering someone are improbable to ALL be trolls, which is pretty sickening in itself imo. :/

Also he was smoking near a no smoking sign, so maybe the lady was pointing that out cuz she didnt want to walk through his smoke cloud. Justified or not in telling him off her life shouldnt have been considered to end. I read this as it being a gas station where in my area propane tanks are out front and its a huge safety hazard to smoke near them or where someone is filling up, but I do not know if the location was specified

Alcoholism is a whole 'nother addiction ballgame from cigarettes. That's like comparing a caffeine addiction to meth or heroine.

Alcoholics will sometimes go years without drinking and then abruptly drink themselves to death in a matter of days or months. Smokers don't, and can't, do that.

But I have also seen someone sober for months chug a whole bottle on impulse.

Not the same. At least IME, the taste of alcohol doesn’t fundamentally change if you stop drinking for several months. Depending on what you chugged you might get sick or really intoxicated. But after 6 years of not smoking, those things taste like absolute dogshit, and that much nicotine at once would make you sick. Not to mention if would take at least a half an hour to chain smoke 10 cigs. So he loitered outside this store for that long until this random woman approached him? Didn’t happen. I mean, would you walk up to a strange man on the street, kid in tow, to admonish him for smoking? Of course not, and we all know why.

This is nothing more than some fantasy made up by a failure of a man who should be on some red flag list somewhere.

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The comments are fucking terrifying.

This is why i haven’t gotten my concealed carry, I act on impulse and emotion when I get upset and I don’t trust myself to not take that opportunity to do this.

And from a guy who “has a few” firearms:

I totally understand and would have felt the same way in his situation.

More asspats and validation for this unhinged moid:

Except even on the worst day of his life, with a gun on his person, he didn't shoot anyone.


This is one of the reasons I don't carry often. I'm pretty good at regulating my emotions, but what if I mess up?


The OP did not act on it. Having the discipline to not act on the bad thought is very mature and respectable.


because he’s fucking human he had ONE bad day where he felt helpless and almost made a bad decision.


it's incredible that you didn't allow your base desires to take over.


If she felt compelled to she should have differently. The only point to be made from this is you can fuck around an find out. That gun could have been a knife. An also just a fist to jaw.


I understand that level of rage. I've been there myself.


People don't realize how close to an edge people can be. They think they can say and do anything and it's not going to affect them. When they get thier head ripped off for being a needless jerk, they all act surprised.


That's why people like her eventually get their shit rocked for opening their old ignorant-ass trifling mouth and it is 100 percent well deserved.


don't ever disrespect someone, you never know if they are down to their last straw.


You’re going to get a lot of idiots who are going to tell you to give up your guns, stop carrying, etc. because they don’t understand anyone else but themselves.


That woman was damn lucky you didn’t go Norman bates on her. Must have been a Karen


Maybe dumb b****** will think twice before bothering people


U shoulda done it bro, she gets what she fucking deserves


Agreed. The guy was able to control himself on a day like that with someone confronting him like that. He’s got good self control.

I would have shot her even if my dad didn't die. This is why i don't conceal carry.

So many sane Reddit males.

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Must have been a Karen

I HATE the Karen thing. God forbid a woman challenges a man, or has the audacity to speak up for herself; apparently to these freaks it's a crime that warrants execution!!

It's not just reddit scrotes, this is just how men are. They think there are just so much more important than us that their feelings in a brief moment is more important than our entire lives.

True— scrotes just show their true colors on Reddit because they enjoy the anonymity to spew their violent revenge fantasies over petty bullshit while blaming everyone but themselves for their unhinged behavior.

Between Reddit, full-blown incel forums, virally popular male abusers/MRAs, and violent porn, the internet reveals male nature like almost nothing else, aside from the evening news where they regularly show up after acting out on all those violent fantasies.

This is why when men kill their partners they're always justified and pardoned by the general public. "She pushed him too far", "she had it coming", "she was a bitch". I hate ALL men and I will never trust them. I'd suggest all women who decide to have a male SO to remember that - just in case - it's better to stand at your court trial than to be laying in your coffin. Arm yourselves and learn how to defend yourselves and your children, if you have them. Because men are out there to hurt you.

Omfg. I seriously don't understand men. How does being a jerk justify violence? How the fuck does anything except fighting for your own life justify willingly killing someone else?

The comments are fucking terrifying.

Agreed. I find them even more terrifying than the post if I'm being honest. They remind me too much of the justifications men were making about Chris Watts' murder of his wife, Shannan.

If a conceal carry license is the only thing stopping you from shooting someone for the crime of checks notes "just bothering you", then you're not just incapable of owning a gun, you're incapable of participating in society, period.

Also, I love how none of these scrotes considers that maybe the woman had a bad day as well. Maybe her husband just abandoned her and her kid? Maybe she just lost her dad as well? But nobody cares about her problems because only males are allowed to lash out when they're sad!

What's next? A parade for every man who doesn't start a nuclear war?

And I'm sure his description of this woman as a nagging shrew is completely different than what actually happened. Because he needs to justify his urge to shoot her in the head (and make himself out to be a Saint for sparing the "evil karen's" life)

"Hey y'all. This morning, a grocery store clerk overcharged me by $10!!! And I bravely resisted the urge to break a beer bottle and stab her in the throat with broken glass!! Aren't I wonderful?"

For real. Only on reddit could a man get fawned over for the heroic act of....not murdering a random woman for pissing him off. I'm surprised he didn't also say, "I thought about raping her kid in front of her. But I bravely resisted that urge! I'm not a bad person! I'm just sad about my Dad!!"

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Imagine wanting praise for doing the bare minimum. Americans and guns: it is like they want to decimate their population from the inside working outwards.

It's not so much americans, it's men. It's American men. You have some gun crazy women but for the most part it is men

Can you imagine if the sex were reversed? Where's my prize for not killing random men when I know how shit the male sex is and how they deserve worse than what they get irl?