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It really shows that not just men, but also the courts barely give a damn. 3 years probation and one sex offender registry entry, which he can eventually get his name removed from. A slap on the wrist.

It will ALWAYS end up here. Every time. Everywhere. FOREVER. The end goal is the most profitable exploitation : children.

Yep. They get prostitution legalized. And then they lower the age of consent.

"Child sex work"

Thats a cute way of saying "routine child trafficking and rape".

The County Court heard the child was driven from state care to the brothel in Ubers, with the fares deducted from her pay

So this poor kid was a ward of the state who was groomed by this asshole. And nobody in charge of her care noticed that she was being picked up in strange cars all the time!?

"[She] describes that the crime has affected her outlook on life and she feels hopeless for the future.

"[She] describes that every aspect of her life has been affected by the offending and fears that she may never heal."

But didn't anyone tell her that sex work is super empowering and a job just like any other!? The SWERFs must have gotten to her!!

Judge Ellis said the court had received letters of support including from Li's mother.

"According to your mother … your children mean everything to you," Judge Ellis said.

"She describes you as a devoted father and one who spends every spare moment with the children.

Of course the scrote is having his mommy go to bat for him. The fact that he has kids is all the more reason his ass should be locked up. It might give his wife a chance to take the kids and run

Li a father-of-two, was facing 15 years behind bars.

He was registered as a sex offender for eight years and fined $1,000.

He will have to perform 400 hours of unpaid work.

$1000 and community service. Thats a fucking insult! This is why legalizing prostitution is a horrible fucking idea!