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I could add a chapter to “how to practice child love”

Toss self off 10 story building. If still alive find 15 story building

Police who raided the flat of Singleton, 41, also found a toddler-sized doll dressed in a pink dress with blonde hair in plaits in his bed

Five years will cure him for sure.


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that age play reference..... it's rehearsal. The more you 'practice' the more entrenched the behavior becomes.....even it is just 'rehearsal' (obviously true for him, noting this because it's true for all child sex offenders)

He was the child safeguarding LEAD!!!

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Men should never be in positions like that. Ever. No exceptions. I don't give a fuck how clean some dude's record is or how nice he seems when hiring, it's still too much risk and it means nothing. My friend was assualted by a male working for her school who had previously had a clean record and is now in jail for the rest of his life. His family, friends, church, and some school members even still think he's innocent despite being convicted on 10 charges.


A teacher at my girls old primary took her and other girls alone in his car.

The school acted like I was over reacting when I complained. As did the police.

He’s now the safeguarding lead. With another man as the second and only dsl.

OFSTED said the school was good and their safeguarding leads a highlight.

They are seeped in gender ideology and fought me every time I complained, deliberately obtuse, lying and back tracking, bragging about paying a solicitor with school funds to answer my formal complaints (school in a very deprived area and only one that specialises to take in children in care and children with disabilities from all over the city).

This creeper teacher works with the police and social workers who deal with the LAC kids at this school, works with other schools when it’s kid’s siblings there etc.

I saw the creeper at one of my kids secondaries (who I’m surprised are really listening about gender ideology concerns, have been transparent and agreed to change everything I’ve asked about, and been thrilled when I’ve given resources/suggestions-which feels genuine, in comparison to primary initially pretending the same but my gut always knew they were bullshitting me) and he was practically hiding from me, looking the other way.

I asked the head teacher why he was there (better not be for a job-it’s not) and told him what happened and he was shocked. Given no one listened when I complained before (bet my life OFSTED are on the take, because the MAT safeguarding lead -female version of Robin Moria White-bragged that OFSTED agreed with everything the MAT did, months before they were even in for inspection) I put it in my daughters EHCP- that to meet her need to be safeguarded and to meet KCSiE directive to teach children about safeguarding, no teacher was ever to take her in her/his car without our permission, after this teacher moved her boundaries and taught her it was an exciting adventure to go alone in a male teachers car (she came out bouncing through the roof, so excited to tell me about being in his car, asking when she would get to go in Mr X & Mr Ys car next!!) and that her new school needs to rebuild protective boundaries after this and teacher her this isn’t safe.

After nobody fucking caring that this well qualified, experienced, middle aged male safeguarding lead, thought it was appropriate to take little girls for fun runs in his car, and no body in the school saw any problems until I complained, at least it being in her EHCP gives her protection and shames the creeper and the school/MAT.

Fucking peado creepers like this go into safeguarding roles to get to vulnerable kids and to control other teachers/adults understanding of safeguarding, so they can groom them into blindness, so the creepers can get away with much worse right under their eyes.

Seriously. I question any man who wants to be in a career around children these days. I always wanted to believe men were capable of such jobs, but it’s getting very incriminating to watch the numbers of men working with children with clear sexual motivations getting caught.

Men who want access to vulnerable children go into roles that give them access to vulnerable children.

The male teachers who aren’t a risk understand the above and don’t take offence at safeguarding measures to protect children from male teachers. It’s the ones who take offence or who worm their way into being in charge of safeguarding/being alone with kids, who are the red flags.

Safeguarding relies on absolute boundaries, no exceptions.

A clean record means nothing except you haven’t been caught yet. Given that the vast majority of sex offenders are never convicted, a clean record isn’t much reassurance. Plus every crook has the first time he commits an offence prior to which he was a non crook.

One of my friends who had a rough home life was preyed on by the school counselor. He faced some consequences, but she received the bulk of the blame, from him, from peers, from teachers, from her parents.

Why can't they just do this lab test to evaluate every male applicant for jobs with children: put a sensor on their dick, show them child porn, and measure whether they get an erection.

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Okay, but only if they use non-explicit "legal" materials. I feel sick just for typing that.

My Public Defender friend just got assigned his first child porn case. He's dreading evidentiary review. Nobody should see child porn!

I had a friend in the crowns office who ended up killing himself after about 10 years prosecuting child sex crimes. Awful fucking stuff and it eats your soul.

How about, no showing child porn for any reason, including the "legal" stuff (whatever that is).

Seriously, don't advocate for using material that exploits kids sexually, even if it's not outright porn, even if it's for a "good cause."

No of course they can’t break the law.

‘Child porn’ or images of child abuse requires real child victims.

Besides, brain development is use dependent. Start showing them it under any circumstances and it’s risking encouraging this dependency.

Recorder Richard Christie said: 'Fortunately these offences haven't gone on to lead to actual acts against any of the children in your charge but child pornography is a scourge and has very real victims.>

Bet they have.