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All men doing this, mostly young men. I think young males should be quarantined until they can prove they are pro-social human beings.

Of course, the article fails to mention that this abuse is perpetrated by men, mainly against women with disabilities. It just refers to "people".

This is so sad. Of course they're not gender specials so the virtue signaling class couldn't care less.

[–] RisingUp 3 points Edited

Yes I often think that people with disabilities genuinely experience the kind of hate and abuse and victimisation that TIMs pretend they get. I think that all the time about the cops being used to investigate fake “hate crimes” - real hate crimes based on immutable characteristics actually happen but mostly against the disabled (and against women, but we mostly don’t admit that the massive tidal wave of male violence against women falls into this category.)

Or like how Canada is slippery sloping into full on eugenics against the disabled, while TRAs bleat on about “trans genocide” at the merest hint of someone saying no to them.

Not an original observation but it’s like the whole movement was designed to discredit real social justice issues.