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Jesus. Between this and Delphi, Indiana seems to be full of child predators.

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Name, Age, Location

Jeffrey A. Hance, 64, of Mooresville.

Za Thio, 36, of Indianapolis.

Jonathan Tyler Evans, 36, of Pisgah, Alabama.

Samuel Ernestro Severino Cabrera, 24, of Indianapolis.

Jeffery Dylan Alford, 26, of Greenwood.

Thiang Za Lian, 21, of Indianapolis.

Jered S. Morgan, 22, of Monrovia.

Jonathan D. Morales, 31, of Indianapolis.

Calvin Michael Farris, 37, of Richland, Washington.

Philip Michael Buhrke, 26, of Indianapolis.

Eric N. Johnson, 38, of Noblesville.

Brallan Campos-Acevedo, 22, of Indianapolis.

Zacariah Ray Hart, 43, of Indianapolis.

Ryan Alan Browning, 34, of Harts, West Virginia.

Helly Cananl Sang, 21, of Indianapolis.

Mark Alan Adams, 59, of Cross Plains, Indiana.

Nicholas T. Hubbard, 23, of Indianapolis.

Nicholas T. Hubbard, 28, of Indianapolis.

Christopher Greg Wilson, 37, of Columbus, Indiana.

Max Joseph Miller, 25, of Indianapolis.