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I don't know if anyone remembers years ago the murder of Adrienne Shelly, a film maker. She was murdered by a man, a construction worker in her building who originally told a story that she came down to the apartment where he was working to complain about noise and then threatened to have him deported.

But later on he changed his story, because the evidence didn't support that version of events. He'd actually been interrupted while robbing her and decided to kill her.

I share this because men are liars. Whenever a murderer says a woman did anything preceding his murdering her, I automatically think it is a lie. Especially when he is trying, in some way, to implicate her in his own crime.

This man clearly murdered his girlfriend for the sexual thrill. He is turned on by sexual violence. She most likely didn't get a word in before he did what he'd been planning to do to her before she arrived. He decided to discard this woman to make his dick tingle, just like so many useless fucking scrotes before him.

His preferred pornography is very relevant here. Purveyors of it are accessories to these kinds of crimes. That poor woman.

I'm glad comments seem to be turned off. I can't handle reading mouth breathing men say she deserved to be murdered because she slapped him.

I don’t believe for a second she slapped him.

Facts. She didn't do shit, he's fucking lying. He either planned to do it beforehand or she came over to hang out, he expected sex and she turned him down, enraging his tiny little dicked self

I’d bet my pay check she did not slap him first. This is his way of trying to turn this into some self defense bullshit. His search history tells the real story.

We get killed for rejecting them

We get killed for not rejecting them

Straight women need to get over their genital fetish asap and find a nice lady to settle down with

For real. I'm super straight but I swore off men 6 years ago and it's been the best decision I've ever made