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It’s about damn time. Those two belong in JAIL.

Yeah, i really have a difficult time believing their son returning alone didn't arose suspicion. I'd kind of like to see those officers investigated too who thought he was the victim. We really need drastic reforms and training for public servants and domestic violence. Heck if i were teaching highschool sex ed, i'd discuss DV.

I hope the parents of other abusive scrotes learn a lesson from this. Laundrie's parents sunk their entire family's reputation and put Gabby's family through hell just to protect their son from the consequences of his actions. And what did it get them? Their son is dead. They're out $3 million. And the whole world hates their guts. If they had cooperated with the police from the beginning and/or pushed their son to come clean, he'd probably be alive now (in prison forever, but still alive). And people would respect them for doing the right thing even if it meant sending their son to jail

Don't get me wrong, I'm not sad that the piece of shit died alone in a swamp. I just want the families of any future Brian Laundries to learn from this

While this is great news, how the heck did he even have $3 million in his estate?

He likely didn't. Juries/judges don't need to consider a defendants actual ability to pay when rendering such verdicts. But ianal.

I'm guessing the final payment won't be as much. His parents aren't wealthy