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I’m so sick of how women so much as noticing or mentioning male violence gets called out in a barrage of “man hater” or “misandrist” ...

“Poor men and their mental health waaaaaah” women have mental illnesses too, and women live in a world that treats them infinitely worse than it treats men...yet we are not violent, barbaric monsters.

I don’t believe it’s a mental health problem. I think it’s an entitlement problem and an ego problem. Boys and men feel entitled to sex from women, if they don’t get sex then they fly into rage and take that rage out on innocent people.

Men also have such fragile egos that when one feels they have been “disrespected” they resort to violence - I think this, and peer pressure, is the cause of gang violence and lots of other male violence. It’s an uncivilised, shameful reaction to an injured ego.

I've never seen this Twitter account before, but she's hit the nail on the head here.


yeah, it's a witches resist graphic. And one of the cnn links someone posted, says it's less than 8% of gun murderers are women.