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And people wonder why I avoid men period and online dating in particular.

Traces of Blanca Arellano's blood had also been discovered throughout Villafuerte's apartment. He had also reportedly posted videos of her organs to TikTok, days after her disappearance.

He posted videos of her ORGANS on TikTok!? Is this a new TikTok trend!? JFC...

I can't imagine her family's pain knowing she went out like that. I hope they force her killer to give up his organs to someone who actually deserves to live

I'm just going to stay in my house until the end of time.

Faceless. Severed. Head.

The depravity.

It's one of the most disturbing articles I've read.

The sheer malice and manipulation, how he viewed her as a literal chunk of meat.

Courting someone into a relationship and then murdering the person for money is vicious and despicable enough, but this act is on a different level.

Poor woman had no idea - can't imagine what her family and friends are going through.