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I remember this story. The whole village was pimping her out and they were mad when she was rescued.

If a nuclear bomb dropped on that site, I wouldn't be sorry.

“When I found that she was used for prostitution and not just a pet I was horrified. Perhaps in my naivety I had never thought it humanly possible to do such a thing to an animal.”

My god, I can't even bring myself to open that link.

Same here. Not subjecting myself to that today. The sexual abuse of animals is still not taken seriously enough, despite how common it is for it to overlap with the abuse of women and children, and despite how horrifying it always is. I’ve said it a million times and I will keep saying it: violent crimes against animals should place someone on a permanent watch list and ban them from contact with all animals going forward. It is only a precursor to violence against humans and the person who does it doesn’t get reformed, they escalate.

At my old job for content review, you would be shocked at the amount of raped female dogs I had to see. Their little bodies couldn't physically handle it and they usually died.

I fucking hate perverted men SO MUCH. Just seeing a man leering at me makes me hate him, especially nasty old men.

Excuse my ignorance, I assume content review is like online moderation? That is my worst nightmare. Idk how you did it. I am so sorry you had to see that. Completely with you. Omg.

I remember encountering this story a while back. The cruelty and depravity of it has stuck with me ever since. That poor animal.

A friend of mine did her masters thesis on animal sexual abuse. There is a huge community of people who rape animals.