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Good work sister!!

I was just about to post. Glad to see we are on the same page. I was directed there because of my clumsy thumbs scrolled ‘next’ on The Daily Mail article on Balenciaga

In my dumb libfemmy days, I used to be in favor of decriminalizing polygamy

Now I understand why it’s illegal in the west and why it MUST stay so

In cultures where polygamy is traditional, only men who can support several wives get to have several wives. It’s still a bad deal for women, but typical to Women’s history, we rarely have easy options to choose from

In the west, the US especially, we keep ending up with the grossest and least fit if men finding some way to collect wives he neither deserves or can take care of. They usually use some fake religious cause. I’m all for freedom of religion, but it does result in some pretty stupid religions that are an effective way to control people with

This disgusting specimen, Like Warren Jeffs, is nothing but a selfish sexual deviant who put in a system that only benefited them, to the detriment of 19 women and who knows how many more

Polygamy/bigamy is effectively decriminalized in the U.S. anyway. Jeffs was convicted for assaulting children but not for practicing bigamy. The same thing will most likely happen to this guy. They'll get him for transporting minors across state lines, but probably won't even bother with a bigamy charge since he never pursued legal marriage licenses. If anything, a bigamy charge will be used to boost the seriousness of his other crimes.

I don't support actually decriminalizing bigamy even if it's not really prosecuted anyway. I get the arguments for it, "privacy" and "religious freedom," but it's always been practiced by abusive men collecting child brides. We should keep the laws on the books if only to signal that as a society we don't support it.

We should keep the laws on the books if only to signal that as a society we don't support it.

Exactly this

The LDS (Mormon) people I know are embarrassed by it. I still cringe at my libfemm-splaining to a friend that I didn’t see the big deal. The look of horror on his face. Sorry Ron


Some pieces from the article:

Bateman “began to proclaim he was a prophet” in 2019, Martin said in her affidavit. In his small offshoot of the FLDS faith, he has “approximately 50 followers and more than 20 wives, many of whom are minors, mostly under the age of 15.”


J.J. described witnessing multiple occasions in 2020 when Bateman gathered followers to have sexual contact with him or each other in a group setting, the affidavit said. J.J. alleged that girls were at first made to watch sex acts, but on later occasions touched Bateman. Children cannot legally consent to sex acts with adults.

J.J. also told Martin that Bateman described directing an adult male follower to have sex with a girl in the November 2021 gathering that followers later referred to the “Atonement,” the affidavit said.