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R.I.P. to the 8 people killed, and justice now and eventual peace to their families and friends.

Very interesting (AND disturbing) that while 7 of the 8 people murdered were women, and 6 of the 8 people murdered were Asian, the only hate motivation under consideration by the authoritires is racism. Intentional femicide is not even on authorities' radar.

YES! Absolutely! Investigate the possibility that anti-Asian racism played a role. Asian people murdered because of their race and their families absolutely deserve justice. But, don't women deserve justice, too? Aren't women murdered by men because of their sex deserving of justice, too? Aren't we human beings?

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I think mass shootings will soon be the #1 cause of death for women under 35

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Suicide will probably be second, followed by alcohol poisoning.

Things aren't looking great.