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*Please read this comment! This is a new from a few days ago, which I am posting not also to document another example of male violence, but also to register here the treatment the new has got. Most articles (like some of the most important Spanish newspapers, as El País) present it as if the father had disappeared with the daughters in the headline, and mention that he is actually the kidnapper at the end, at its best. The only reason I chose the one from the Sun is because it did have it in the title (what a fantastic thing, mate, the damn bare minimum), although the "goodbye note" was, in fact, a call in which the man told his former wife and mother of the children that she'd never see them again. Furthermore, he messaged his father (grandfather of the children) that he was planning on committing suicide. The police, everyone, has agreed about who is the perpetrator, but I guess it's better to talk about him as if he were innocent. And, in addition, many newspapers have magically forgotten to write that the mother has said that she suffered abuse from his husband, and others have highlighted how she didn't went to report it sooner. The girls might have been already murdered by their father, and abuser, and it's very likely that their mother will never see them again, but what the media finds important to do it's washing the father's image. Patriarchy, where?

Wow. Thank you for doing such research and finding the least misleading title!

What patriarchy? Never heard of him.

OMG, I hope those poor little girls are okay! It's not looking good at all. 💔 😞

I am SO sick of these family annihilators/attempted family annihilators having excuses made for them. Look at Chris Watts and his fan club, blaming everyone and everything but HIM for what he did to his family.

Around 90% of all family annihilators are men. If more women were aware of danger signs and felt comfortable/safe speaking out when they are afraid, more lives could be saved. Media needs to stop glossing this over and encouraging victim blaming.