He won't even be put on the sex offenders register!

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I’m so mad. Clearly this shouldn’t have been up to the judge’s discretion. Disgusting.

Are you fucking serious? How would Magistrate Tara Hartnett like to be jizzed on in public by a stranger.

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What the actual fuck. He should literally do time for that shit, that is so disgusting. I can’t even imagine how those women feel, oh my god.

Of course the people in the comments section are blaming his ethnicity and ignoring the fact that this is yet another example of systemic male violence against women. And then they wonder why women want their own music festivals.

Also, did anyone else notice how the magistrate was a woman? Pick mes are dangerous women.

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I cannot believe he got away without any time or being registered. The public needs to know where this creep is at all times, so they can stay far far away. Freaking menace.

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I've been saying for the longest time, that the UK and the former Commonwealth countries are very laxed with predators and predatory men.

Just like peeping TOMs, this is a precursor for worst things to come.

Ew. This makes me so sad for his victims. Angry at the "justice" system.