Can't men like this have a forehead brand? He almost killed 3 women and then killed the 4th . . .

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He should have one (and should have since the 90s) and I can think of another thing to put on (or through) his forehead. If he is ever released from prison, he will do it again.

So she's a younger single mom, and what's going on with women? Are they so desperate for a man that they'll pair off with a violent older guy with neck tattoos?

I really wish we lived in a world where women were taught self-esteem and how to say NO.

And men were taught how to be decent human beings. And the ones who were unteachable were sent off to a prison island or something. We can't live among these violent monsters.

Her poor son. What's he going to grow up like?

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I really wish we lived in a world where the average mother had the financial and community support needed to raise her kid on her own. I wish every woman had the actual free choice to say NO, but they don't.

Her son will grow up to be an entitled sexist oaf like other men. And, as with other men, her input would probably not have mattered much. Very few women want to raise sexist sons, but their input is generally outweighed by that of peers, the media, society, and very possibly Dad.

Anything else we should blame the victim for while we're at it?