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Eighteen years seems way too light. I hope that the boys in gen pop can find a way to take care of this monster.

He worked as a secondary school psychoeducator for 27 years. I wonder how many other vulnerable kids this little fucker took advantage of.

I saw this story on the CBC site (https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/sylvain-villemaire-sentenced-18-years-sexual-exploitation-1.6144823) and was incensed at the headline and sub-head used. It's a horrifying story, from every perspective, and yet the CBC chose the word "exploiting", and abuse. Not sexual abuse, not child rape. It's as if the CBC was whitewashing the story.

What happens to his victim? Does she get sent back to the family that sold her? Does she go into foster care until she is an adult?

This is my concern as well. Its possible the mother legitimately thought she was giving her daughter a better life. But I'd still say its better for the girl to stay in Canada for a while so she can get a decent education and the therapy & medical care she'll desperately need going forward.

This is a good question. I hope she gets allowed to stay here. Foster care isn't exactly a nightmare over here, and she will be needing extensive psychological care, which I feel we owe her now. What a fucking mess. Poor thing.

I know in the US we have special visas for crime victims that allow them to stay in the country and I think get a green card eventually. I would assume Canada has something similar.

I've always believed we need to create beautiful places for children who have been sexually abused like this where they can grow up without the normal pressures of school, etc., doing everything on their own timeline as they grow and heal, and live their entire lives there if need be. They don't have to become "productive citizens." I know a young woman who was abused like this and the schools and regular foster care system just could not deal with her trauma and the behaviors it caused. School was a constant string of "discipline" for normal behaviors traumatized children display. I dreamt of some sort of country estate like in XMen where she and children like her could grow up being nurtured and protected and if they never chose to live in the "real world" that would be perfectly fine.

"Villemaire, 60, is a former psychoeducator who specialized in helping at-risk youth."


And seriously, concurrent sentence ? Fuck this prick. Let him spend the rest of his miserable life in jail.

I'm surprised Canada gave him 18 years. They're usually soft on any crime that isn't "transphobia"

I reported their referring to the girl as "African" and saying he traveled to Africa as an "error". It drives me crazy when journalists don't refer to the specific country in Africa. They'd never call an American or Canadian child "North American".

The CBC says her identity is under a publication ban so they haven't specified the country. I'd assume other news sources would abide by that ban, although I have seen one article that stated her country of origin. You can search for it if you must know, but I think this is less about ignorance and more about trying to protect the girl.