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“But we came here today to show that we are not afraid and that young women shouldn’t have to live in fear.”

Absolutely brilliant. We shouldn’t and I, for one, will not. They should be afraid of us.

poor-quality CCTV

A bit redundant at this point, don’t you think? One of many indications that the US at least loves violent males more than innocent people is that there are not draconian laws forcing companies and local governments to install LOTS of highly functional CCTVs and ensure they are working properly at all times. It’s a trope at this point. I assume this probably works negatively along racial lines, since it costs money and unfortunately keeping money out of the hands of POC and away from the communities in which they live is something we Americans are great at.

It’s absolutely disgusting. This woman was doing nothing but serving. She took a thankless job that draws nothing but low pay and contempt (often vitriol), to invest in the wisest investment—children. And this is how society repays her. A balding mediocre man kills her and dumps her body, violating her right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Women have the RIGHT to walk when we want, where we want, how we want, with(out) whomever we want, without fear. And yet this pathetic government does not protect that right. Even for the most valuable and selfless women like Sabina. Especially for women like her. Black women are failed tremendously by government and culture each and every day. And white men know this. They target women like Sabina each and every day because they know no one will talk about her or share her story, and that law enforcement and the legal system will ensure no justice is ever served.

I hope they find him and he watches his life dissolve before his eyes in court.