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A recently proposed bill re-criminalizing domestic violence has been met with protests and criticism by activists claiming that it seeks to “destroy” traditional family values.

Traditional family values like men beating their wives?! Maybe women killing their abusive husbands could be a new family value ...

Three teenage sisters are currently facing murder charges for killing their abusive father, while a 24-year-old historian was brutally killed this month by her romantic partner and former professor. Last year, a man was sentenced to 14 years in prison for chopping off his wife’s hands in the woods.

All these cases are horrifying.

About 14,000 women die in Russia each year at the hands of husbands or other relatives, a 2010 UN report says.

14,000 women die each year, but of course:

The Justice Ministry told Europe’s human rights court last week that the scale of Russia’s domestic violence is exaggerated and claimed that men “suffer more from discrimination.”

Poor menz :,(

I hate all of this. These poor women.

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It really feels like "discrimination" in this case means "being talked badly about sometimes, but not actually facing targeted discrimination at all".