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What's wrong with all those men who are suddenly bigger experts on women's issues than women lmao

Trans pandering is a way to get some ink when your career is on life support. For some like Demi Lovato or kd lang (sob) they trans themselves. For others (especially men) shitting on JKR is the way. It's so cheap and transparent.

When I was an edgy teen I liked John Waters. Now, I am pretty sure he's a sexual predator. All his films were just transgressing boundaries of decency; so Queer Theory in action. Any limits around what is moral or decent need to be smashed, because reasons!!!! Anyone who says no to me is the enemy!!! A pervert celebrating perversion and calling it high art, just like tons of other perverts.

KD Lang?!?!


Yes. I cannot tell you how heartbroken I was to hear she's a she/they or some such lunacy now in her fucking SIXTIES. I can see a gullible teen getting hoodwinked into this cult, but someone who's ready for their AARP membership? Come on now. I had imagined she would be RVing all over the national parks of the US and Canada with a sweet lady her own age, not losing her marbles and pretending she's not a woman after a stellar career as the face of lesbianism. Ugh.

I’m not even lesbian and I feel abandoned.

I can only imagine how lesbian my age must feel. She was coming out as I was learning about the world. Her bravery was inspiring for everyone. Now she is just joining the cool kids. Sigh

The hypocrisy is astounding. John Waters, in theory, should be one of the first people defending JKR because he believes so dearly in freedom of expression, art and free speech.

but the bro code is stronger than the libertarian mind, isn't it?

Bro code in action. He vilifies JKR for having an opinion but then has the nerve to say the cliche ‘well my male friend was never obnoxious to me so any woman who claims he was abusive must be lying’. The misogyny just slaps you in the face.

IKR? He hasn't hung out with JKR and witnessed any transphobia, but that doesn't stop him!

IKR? He hasn't hung out with JKR and witnessed any transphobia, but that doesn't stop him!

If I had Twitter, I'd tweet him and say, "I've never personally seen JKR be mean to trans people. Therefore she's not a transphobe"

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I'm gonna paste my earlier comment about him, because this needs to be more widely known, especially if he's going to waltz around with his head up his arse demonizing women for saying the sexes exist:

He also committed animal cruelty filming Pink Flamingos: a live chicken was abused and killed as a sex act in a rape scene (all played for laughs, obviously).

Waters justified it by saying chickens are killed for food, glossing over the fact that the cruelty is the issue (you can find descriptions of how exactly it died on Wikipedia and doesthedogdie.com) and added:

"We bought the chicken from a farmer who advertised freshly-killed chicken. I think we made the chicken's life better: Got to be in a movie, got fucked… And then right after filming the next take, the cast ate the chicken."

I don't know how you can deflect and minimise something you've done to avoid too much criticism, yet simultaneously try to milk edgypoints out of it, but there you go.

The man who made one of the most graphically disgusting films ever made really shouldn't throw stones in the glass box he calls a house.

Why are all these random celebrities talking about JKR when no one asked or cared for their input?

Why are all these random celebrities talking about JKR when no one asked or cared for their input?

Virtue Signaling

His defensive of Johnny Depo is that he has never seen him act negatively toward a woman?

Anyway there’s nothing wrong with Rowling she is perfectly sane.

His defensive of Johnny Depo is that he has never seen him act negatively toward a woman?

Yep. He said,. "Me and Depp went out to dinner and he didn't punch the waitress. Therefore he cannot POSSIBLY be guilty of abusing any of his ex lovers"

What is wrong with her? Why does she not comply with my dogma ? Why is she so disrespectful of my needs over her needs?

Who tf is John Waters? Anyway JK Rowling is still right just because this man says she’s wrong doesn’t make it so.

A filmmaker who made Hairspray. And a movie called Pink Flamingos here’s a description of Pink Flamingoes “ Displaying the tagline "An exercise in poor taste", Pink Flamingos is notorious for its "outrageousness", nudity, profanity, and "pursuit of frivolity, scatology, sensationology [sic] and skewed epistemology."[4] It features a "number of increasingly revolting scenes" that center on exhibitionism, voyeurism, sodomy, masturbation, gluttony, vomiting, rape, incest, murder, cannibalism, castration,”

So yeah we should be asking what’s wrong with John Waters 🙄

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I had heard so much about how great Pink Flamingos was, such a cult classic and shit, but when I actually saw it, I thought it was a disgusting waste of time. There's nothing good about that movie. Usually I can find something good in most movies, but I can see a worthless piece of attempt to be controversial and edgy. Whenever I see someone praising John Waters or Divine I just roll my eyes and judge them.

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I tried watching Pink Flamingos once and couldn't get through it. I don't know how even an edge lord can stand that movie. Not only is it gross, but the non-gross dialog scenes were boring and not funny.

His only halfway decent film was Hairspray. But you don't need to watch the movie anymore because the musical (and the more recent film based on the musical) is WAY better than the original

🤢 and he had the scrotacity to ask what’s wrong with JK Rowling ? At least she never wrote about scatology .