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That's funny. I saw someone complain that Ovarit is full of elder British women, but in actuality it's a bunch of American 20-year-olds.

That actually fills me with hope. I get so depressed seeing young women on social media and how (sorry) unintelligent and reactionary they seem, so to know that they aren't all brainwashed is heartening.

I think more women are radfems then that want to admit it to themselves. We all know deep down.

That would be Mumsnet (feminism forum only) (although those posters have much sharper arguments on any AIBU thread also) (but don’t forget they are all Glinner sock puppets) (because of course all feminists must be run by a man, even when half of them are not so keen on him).

Interesting. I’d always imagined most of us terves to be from the UK but I am glad to see that I am not over here by myself in the north americas.

British feminists have always been the leaders IMO. I'm from Southern Europe and holy shit are people drinking the Kool Aid here.

Also in the US (where I've lived as well) being gender critical is always STUPIDLY associated with being a conservative on everything else.

Absolutely. The slight pushback we’re starting to see in the US might have been decades off if it wasn’t for the bravery and dedication of the GC women in the UK.

Lumping radfems and GC feminists in with conservatives is a convenient way to shame women out of ever seeking out what “terfs” actually believe- if they think they already know what we believe then TRAs don’t have to worry about them being exposed to wrongthink. Particularly during the trump years (to say nothing of the pandemic) it was verrrrry important to many, many liberals and people on the left to distance themselves from conservatives as much as possible. TERF = right wing, trump loving, anti vax, covid denying kkk member… aaaaaaand that’s about all the thinking that people who care about TERFs want to do.

Wish I could connect with other Australian gender critical women in person…

I'm from a Middle Eastern country. This gender insanity thankfully hasn't reached us yet but I know it's only a matter of time because my country mostly follows western societal trends.

Australia must be asleep. We have lots of Aussies here, I think.

Eight hours ago we certainly were, it’s just 8am now when I’m seeing this.

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