That men are from Mars, and therefore are more logical then us Venus ladies.
That men are success objects!
That men just NEED a man cave to get away from us evil ladies


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A stereotype that I hate is that grown men are helpless even fathers, people genuinely think that if the mother leaves for a few days everything will fall apart unless there is a daughter to take care of everyone. It's insulting to everyone involved except the daughter, the father for obvious reasons, the mother for assuming she would marry and have children with a man child, the male children telling them they are incapable of learning to take care of themselves when their sisters can. You see it most often in movies and I immediately stop watching when you do.

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I was raised by a single father. He did everything for me, and it wasn't emasculating. The world never fell to pieces. He did have trouble taking out the overnight sponge curlers for picture day lol

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That men are less capable of being competent parents. Some men seem to lean into this, even pretending incompetency, because it benefits them if their female partner picks up a lot of slack out of necessity.

Yes, some men really can't be trusted with children, either due to pedophilia or anger/violence issues... I'm not talking about that sort of thing. I'm talking about the typical "great guy who just can't figure out how to change a diaper, shush and cuddle a baby, tend a scraped knee, etc because he's just not good at it because he's such a guy."