I liked the comment about the faux vagina. It's like saying the anal sphincter represents the entire digestive system.

It's like saying a biodegradable straw is a digestive system

It doesn't function for sex either though. Vaginas self lubricate and expand to allow for penetration, have a g-spot for sexual pleasure, and then clean themselves afterwards. "Neo-vaginas" don't do any of this and also are constantly trying to close themselves up, meaning that sex is often painful or impossible.

Actually that kind of makes sense. AGP get off on the idea of themselves being penetrated. They have a fantasy idea of woman, and their version of sex is also a fantasy.

Very true on the $1.3million answer to the ‘why do the institutions push this?’ question

I don't believe it is 1.3 million. Maybe vaginoplasty, but phaloplasty seems to involve 2-3 years of constant surgery. That has to be 3/4 of a million right there.

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I have no idea, it's an interesting question. I just googled it and webmd says 3 surgeries for approximately $25,000-$35,000 each. Plus hormones, plus hair removal, plus anesthesia, and plus any meds for recovery.

and any 'unexpected' additional surgeries.

Maybe the 2-3 years are the result of lengthy healing processes with only very minor medical supervision.

Phaloplasty involves at least 3-4 major surgeries, they are a lot more complicated and a lot more goes wrong. The NY Times did story a few weeks ago about a TIF getting phaloplasty and it is such an insane series of surgeries.

"Depending on the combination of procedures, a penis might take a couple of years to complete, involving many surgical stages and revisions and a long-term commitment to organizing life around access to doctors, insurance coverage, time off from work and postoperative care. For trans patients, the risk of complications is high — according to surgeons I spoke with, about 70 percent." The article estimates phalloplasty costs as much as 200K. I think that is a lowball number.

a penis might take a couple of years to complete

A penis only takes 9 months to complete. I don't know what to call these arm flesh tubes, but they sure as shit aren't penises.

This is so insane to me, what has gone wrong with our society? Seventy percent chance of complications for COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY surgery, wherein the patient, best case scenario, will still have a completely medicalized, exhausting rest of her shortened life. And, she would be so much better served by a good talk therapist. My mind is just continually blown, social contagion makes me want to go live in a hut in the woods for real.

I've been making the hole argument for awhile. It's, to me, what is most insulting (and most telling) about TIMs understanding of women. They believe that becoming a human fleshlight captures the entire experience of being a woman.

Both comments are brilliant. This trans fad is being pushed because it's a never ending profit machine for the medical industry. Even folks who detransition will be dependent on hormones and medications forever.