it's so refreshing to see how Brits are reacting to this versus how Americans handled the whole lia thomas fiasco. british women are on another level of 'no fucks given' and i love them for that.

I think the Brits are ahead of us on this issue because they don't have a religious right the way we do here. They've got people like Parker Posie (sp?) leading the charge, while we're here with Matt fucking Walsh. Leftists don't want to be associated with that cohort, so it seems like a conservative POV here. I love Kara Dansky and the work she is doing but very few people will platform her.

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Zach Bridges is a loser. Cheating makes you a loser. Also, he is a loser at being a woman. That's one game he can never ever win, even if he cheats. I hope he is reading this.

This guy is disgusting, and his eye makeup is terrible.

The chances he attributes his "egg cracking" to watching Alex on OITNB?

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He is trying to steal the biological term 'females', but forgets not to add 'fellow'. Hilarious, really.

I earlier saw a pic of him in a white lacy top with a black bra showing through it. The way all women would dress for an interview with a magazine, right?

its like our own version of that Swimmer in America, blatantly obvious, unfair and completely tone deaf and defiant.

another plus to GCers, keep talking Bridges the world is watching and shaking their heads in disbelief at your arrogance and shameless self centredness